ICB Accredited Courses

The ICB courses offered at Matric College are accredited by the ICB and the QCTO and this helps you gain a qualification that is recognised worldwide.

Matric College offers a variety of ICB courses and each one is accredited. These courses are designed by the ICB and accredited by the ICB and the QCTO. Accreditation means that the courses are registered with professional bodies. 

By studying these accredited courses, you increase your access to continue your studies or find employment in different places. Below is a list of the ICB accredited courses that we offer: 

ICB Office Administration 

ICB Business Management 

ICB Financial Accounting  

Are ICB Courses Accredited?

Yes, the ICB and the QCTO accredited these courses. ICB courses are connected to professional bodies. This guarantees you that you gain a quality education that is monitored to ensure that you gain the relevant knowledge and skills. When you have studied for an accredited course, you gain the following qualities: 

  • A good reputation in the work environment
    Employers value you and your accredited qualification. 
  • Knowledge and skills
    You have information that can be used in the present day to resolve issues. 
  • Perseverance
    You learnt and finished a course that cannot be learnt by just anyone, and this shows that you are a dedicated person.

Is Accreditation A Qualification?

No, accreditation is not a qualification. This is a process whereby courses get registered with professional bodies such as SAQA or the DHET. These courses are then said to be accredited. They are then known as accredited courses.

Are ICB Qualifications Recognised?

Yes, ICB Qualifications are recognised in the following places:

  • Nationally
    You can use an ICB Qualification in South Africa because it is recognised in the country. You can use it to look for work, open a business or continue with your studies. You have a better chance of gaining access to these things because your qualification is recognised.  
  • Internationally
    ICB Qualifications are recognised internationally, in countries like the United Kingdom (UK). There are professional bodies in the UK that recognised ICB Qualifications. This means students can be able to move from South Africa to the UK and either find work or continue studying there. They can continue their studies through the following bodies:
    • IAB (International Association of Bookkeepers, UK)
    • ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK)
    • IAAP (International Association of Accounting Professionals, UK)
    • CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK)

Is ICB Registered In South Africa?

Yes, ICB is registered in South Africa with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). All the ICB courses are registered. This means that they are monitored by SAQA to ensure they offer quality education. When you are studying an ICB Qualification in South Africa, it can be easily seen through the SAQA Identification numbers that the courses you are studying are registered.

What Is An ICB Qualification?

An ICB Qualification is what you receive when you have completed an ICB course at Matric College. This is awarded to you in a form of a Certificate, which serves as proof that you studied and completed the course. This certificate is printed by FASSET after your marks are audited, and you have passed.

The ICB receives your certificate from FASSET and then awards it to you. To celebrate your success, we hold a graduation ceremony through online platforms. This is where we wish you all the best in your next adventure and congratulate you on your academic success.

What Can I Do With An ICB Qualification?

You can use an ICB Qualification to do the following: 

  • Find employment 
  • Study further 
  • Open a business

Find Employment

You can use an ICB Qualification to find employment anywhere in South Africa or abroad. You have a higher chance to find employment because you have a qualification, that is: 

  • SAQA registered 
  • Recognised globally 
  • Accredited by QCTO and ICB 
  • Scarce skill based 
  • Offers skills and knowledge

Study Further

You can use an ICB Qualification to study further. You can move from studying one ICB programme to a different one. For example, if you were studying the ICB Business Management Programme, you can change to the ICB Office Administration

Studying different courses awards you with different qualifications. This means you will have more than one qualification, and this will reflect well on your CV. Employers will want to hire someone who is as skilled as you. You may gain even higher positions in the work environment because you will be very qualified.

Open A Business

ICB courses are business orientated. This means that they focus on equipping you with skills and knowledge that are used in the business world whether it is a financial, office or management field. In the process of learning about business, you gain knowledge on how to open and run a business. 

You gain skills that are scarce, and this is the element that makes you a unique potential businessperson. You have a better chance to succeed in business because you can be trusted by people based on your qualification. People can trust that you will offer them quality service, and this makes your business succeed.

Watch our CEO of Matric College, Jan Badenhorst, speak about the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) and scarce skills

What Should I Study After ICB?

After studying an ICB course, you can choose to study a different programme at Matric College. We have the NATED and Short Course Programme. The NATED courses are good if you want to gain the following:

  • An accredited qualification
  • Work experience (skills) 
  • Knowledge 
  • Get prepared for employment 
  • Gain four (4) qualifications in one programme 

The Short Course Programme is good if you want to gain the following: 

  • A quick qualification 
  • A set of skills 
  • Get prepared for employment 
  • Advance the skills you have 

Get prepared for entrepreneurship

Where Can I Study An Accredited Course?

You can study ICB accredited courses at Matric College. We are a distance learning institution that offers ICB accredited courses and more. Our students study our courses from home. What we do is provide them with the following assistance: 

  • Tutors 
  • Course experts 
  • Study guides 
  • Red alert forms


Tutors are always available to assist when you need help. You can reach them through WhatsApp, calls or email from Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm. You can ask them questions related to assessments that you do not understand. They will explain to you what is needed and this way you can answer your assessments with understanding.

Course Experts

Course Experts are available to assist you with detailed information on the ICB courses. They are well-trained and will help you in ways that will leave you understanding your course more.

Study Guides

These are sent to you so that you can have books to study and create study notes. They can be used to answer some of your assessments. They are delivered to you 5 to 7 days right after your registration.

Red Alert Forms

These are provided so that you can fill them out in times of an emergency. If you need urgent help with something regarding your academics, you can reach out through these forms. We will call contact you and help you resolve the problem.

Benefits Of Studying At Matric College

  • You study from anywhere you prefer 
  • You study safely from viruses and infections such as COVID-19 
  • You study well if you have social anxiety 
  • You can study while you are fully employed 
  • Parents, international students and everyone who qualifies are welcome to study 
  • You can save transport and lunch money 
  • Timetables are set by you 
  • Study pace is chosen by you 
  • You are assisted by tutors and course experts 
  • There are study materials sent to you to assist in your studies 
  • You gain independence and discipline as qualities 
  • You learn more about your strengths and weaknesses
  • You gain academic confidence when you know you completed a course from home 
  • You gain skills and knowledge that prepare you for work 
  • You gain accredited qualifications that are recognised globally 
  • You attend graduation ceremonies online

Our Accreditation


Our ICB courses are accredited by the ICB and the QCTO. This helps you stand out from other candidates because you have a qualification that is recognised nationally and internationally.


ICB requires that training providers be registered with the DHET or the ICB to offer exams. Matric College is registered with the DHET.


Our ICB courses are registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). The ICB qualifications can be used to find work or further your studies in South Africa.


ICB courses are accredited by the Quality Council of Trades and Occupations (QCTO). This makes it easy for you when you look for employment in the occupational fields. You will be a desirable candidate to employers.

Author: Mulisa Nethononda
Editor: Amy Venter
Date Published: May 26, 2022