Educare Courses

Educare Courses

Are you passionate about shaping young minds and bringing out the best out of little kids for the future? If yes, then Educare Courses are what’s best for you! These courses will transform you into the miracle worker every parent dreams of. Enrol today to be the hero of the nation!

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N6 Educare

Request a Call Back apply With Us N6 Educare This is the end of your journey for the Educare programme. …

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N5 Educare

Request a Call Back apply With Us N5 Educare If you’re passionate about the well-being of little ones, then why …

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N4 Educare

Request a Call Back apply With Us N4 Educare Passionate about the development of bright young minds and would like …

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Our Educare Courses

We offer three levels of Educare Courses, N4 -N5. These courses are accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and National Qualifications Framework (NQF). This means that these programmes are recognized by NQF, meet its standards and will earn you a quality education. 

Studying an accredited course increases your credibility and chances of being employed. Below is an overview of each level.

Can I Study Educare Without Matric?

Yes. As long as you have a qualification equivalent to Matric, you can study Educare without Matric. Matric is basically NQF level 4 so if you have a qualification equivalent to NQF 4, you can apply for an Educare Course.

If you do not have matric or an equivalent qualification, have a look in our Adult Matric Course if you have never written matric and are over the age of 21 years. Alternatively, you can look at our Matric Upgrade Course if you wrote matric but want to improve your results.

Benefits of Studying Educare courses

If you are here, it means you love working with children. You are looking for a course that will pave your way into fulfilling this dream of being qualified to work with children. Right?

Studying Educare Course will let you do just that. Because this is an accredited course, it increases your credibility and likelihood of getting a job, as soon as you are done with your studies. In South Africa, there is high demand for educare center facilitators and creche managers. 

Why Study With Matric College?

Most people would like to gain an education while working. Others simply do not like the idea of sitting in a classroom. Whatever category you fall in, at Matric College we cater for your needs. We are a distance learning institution and we make learning easy. 

This is how:

  • You study from home and all your study materials gets delivered to you.
  • You get help that focuses on you as an individual student
  • You get easy access to your tutors for any help you need

Looking to gain practical work experience that will set you apart from all other applicants?

Sign up for DHET’s FREE placement service either after, or during your studies!Your online profile will be matched with employers in your field who are looking for people like you to take part in Work Integrated learning (WIL) and Worplace Based Learning (WBL).

Interested? Contact us now!

For more information, please get in touch with us now on 012 762 7100 and one of our consultants will assist you every step of the way! Alternatively, you can requset a call back by filling in this form.

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Last Updated: 21 October, 2020

Author: Ncebakazi Stoto