Educare Courses

Educare professionals are responsible for the growth and development of children. Our Educare courses will equip you to follow your passion to play a part in child development.

Educare focuses on the education, care, and development of young children. When it comes to Educare, you will be working in the following areas:

  • Educational psychology.
  • Child nutrition. 
  • First aid and overall health. 
  • Psychological development. 

Educare Courses: National Qualifications (NATED)

N6 Educare National Diploma NATED

N6 Educare

With N6 Educare, you will explore some of the most important elements of childhood development. Enrol with us today and help shape the leaders of tomorrow.

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N5 Educare National Certificate NATED

N5 Educare

If you’re passionate about the well-being of little ones, then why not further your education and enrol for the N5 Educare course. Start your studies!

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N4 Educare National Certificate NATED

N4 Educare

Passionate about the development of bright young minds and would like to help boost their brains? Start your journey. Enrol in our Educare Course today!

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Watch the College Principal explain everything you need to know about our Educare National Qualification course.

Educare Courses At Matric College

Why Should I Choose Educare?

Choosing to study an Educare qualification can be one of the most important career fields.

This is because you are helping to build the lives, confidence, and education of young children. 

Having a National Qualification (NATED) in Educare also means that you can further both your studies and increase your employment opportunities. 

Educare Courses

With an N4 National Qualification, you can apply to study an N5 National Qualification Course. After which, you are eligible to apply for the N6 National Qualification. 

With an N6 National Certificate, you can complete 18 months of industry work-related experience and apply for a National Diploma certificate.  

Educare Courses

Application Requirements

He is the application requirements for each of the Educare National Certificate Courses:

  • N4 Educare National Certificate Course: To apply for this course you must have a matric pass certificate. You cannot apply for the N4 Educare course with a matric equivalent certificate.  
  • N5 Educare National Certificate Course: To apply for this course you must have an N4 Educare National Certificate. 
  • N6 Educare National Certificate Course: To apply for this course you must have an N5 Educare National Certificate.   
  • N6 Educare National Diploma: To be able to achieve an N6 Educate National Diploma, you must have an N6 National Certificate alongside 18 months of industry-specific work experience. Provided that this work experience has been approved by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

You can then apply to receive your National Diploma in Educare.

Possible Careers With an Educare Qualification

With a Diploma in Educare, you cannot become a grade R teacher. Instead, you can branch into one of the following careers:

  • Babysitting.
  • Au Pairing. 
  • Child Health and Nutrition Professional. 
  • Day Care Administrator. 
  • Day Care Manager.

What are NQF Levels?

The NQF is also known as the National Qualifications Framework. NQF levels are used to measure all accredited academic courses in South Africa, from grade 9 to doctorate degrees. 

This is to ensure that all South African qualifications can be measured according to the same set of requirements.

Educare NQF Levels

Here are the NQF levels for each Educare National Qualification: 

  • N4 National Certificate in Educare: NQF Level 5. 
  • N5 National Certificate in Educare: NQF Level 5.
  • N6 National Certificate in Educare: NQF Level 5.
  • N6 National Diploma in Educare: NQF Level 6 (only attainable with 18 months of approved work experience.)  

Getting a National Diploma Without a Diploma Pass

It is possible to get a National Diploma if you have a matric pass level lower than a Diploma Pass.

To achieve a National Diploma in Educare, you must follow these steps:

  1. Apply for the N4 National Qualification Course in Educare with your matric certificate. 
  2. Complete your N4, N5, and N6 National Qualification Course in Educare.
  3. Complete 18 months of industry-specific work experience. 
  4. Send your work experience logbook to the Department of Higher Education and Training for approval. 
  5. Once your work experience has been approved and you have your N6 National Certificate in Educare, you can get your National Diploma. 

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Choosing Matric College

There are many reasons why you should decide to choose to study through Matric College.

Benefits of Studying With Matric College

The benefits of studying with Matric College include: 

  • All your study material costs are included in the course fees. 
  • After your successful registration, your study material will be couriered to your door. 
  • You will be added to our tutoring Whatsapp group along with your classmates. 
  • You will have access to all of our past papers. 
  • Our tutors are available from 8 am- 5 pm to assist all of our students with any of their coursework. 
  • You will be able to send all of your assignments to our tutors for feedback. This feedback will help you improve in specific sections before you decide to write your final exams. 
  • We will invite you to join our online exam preparation workshops to help you achieve the best marks possible. 
  • We will help you register for your exams when you are ready to write.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is a very good choice for many students for the following reasons:

  • You can work from home since you are not required to attend classes. 
  • You can continue to work whilst furthering your studies. 
  • You do not need to organise transportation or accommodation for the course of your choosing. 
  • All of your study material will be included in your fees and will be delivered to your door. 
  • Your new skills and time management abilities could make you eligible for a promotion if you are studying whilst working. 

Jan Badenhorst, CEO of Matric College, discusses everything you need to know about our Educare Courses

Our Educare National Qualification (NATED) Courses

Author: Andrea Frisby
Last Updated: Sanel Van Staden, 28 July 2021

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