How To Select The Right Course For You

How To Select The Right Course For You

How To Select The Right Course For You
  • If you passed matric, you have various options depending on your pass level.
  • The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers provides distance training and qualification in fields like financial accounting. Each course has its own requirements.
  • NATED offers courses that provide students with practical and theoretical skills.
  • 5 NATED courses can be completed with a matric equivalent certificate.
  • Adult Matric is an option for those who do not have a matric certificate. You need a grade 9 certificate to apply and you must be over 21 to write your exams.
  • If you are not satisfied with your matric results, you can do a matric upgrade and attempt to get a higher mark for a few of your subjects.
  • Matric College and other institutions offer courses you can study without a matric certificate.
  • Take an aptitude test to help narrow down which field you should study.

Whether you finish your matric year and pass or leave school at an earlier stage, you still have many options regarding studies. There are countless courses to choose from and it is important to explore these options to find what suits you best.

Here are some guidelines in choosing the right course for you.

  • What You Can Do With Your Matric Pass
  • ICB Courses
  • NATED Courses
  • Adult Matric
  • Matric Upgrade
  • Study Without Matric
  • Narrowing Down Your Options

What You Can Do With Your Matric Pass

If you passed your matric year, you can further your studies or enter the workforce depending on your pass level.

There are 4 different matric passes. These are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Pass: This is the minimum pass you need to apply for University. You can apply for different degrees depending on your APS.
  • Diploma Pass: With this pass, you can study for a diploma course.
  • Higher Certificate Pass: With a higher certificate pass, you can apply to study for a higher certificate.
  • National Senior Certificate Pass: This pass is the bare minimum needed to pass matric. This pass will allow you to apply for courses that only require a matric certificate or courses that do not.

Click here to calculate your APS and see which specific courses you can apply for.

ICB Courses

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers is a distance learning institution that provides training and qualification in fields like financial accounting.

Which ICB Courses Can I Study?

There are 3 main ICB courses to choose from:

Requirements For ICB Courses

Each ICB course has its own requirements. You will need the following requirements to study the course of your choice:

  • Financial Accounting: grade 10 certificate
  • Business Management: grade 11 certificate 
  • Office Administration: matric certificate

Why Should I Study ICB Courses?

ICB courses have many benefits. Some of these include:

  • Distance learning: You can study at your own time with ICB online courses.
  • Save money: You will not need to spend money on extra traveling while receiving a quality education.
  • Create your own schedule: You can study when you have the time. There is no need to change your schedule drastically.
  • Develop critical skills: Work on your critical skills through the ICB’s quality learning programme.
  • Higher employment rates: With scarce skills, you will have many more job opportunities coming your way. 
  • Internationally accredited: ICB qualifications are recognised internationally. That will make it easier for you to find a job anywhere.

Where Can I Study ICB Courses?

Colleges like The Skills Academy and Matric College act as hosts so you can complete your ICB course.

NATED (National Accredited Diploma) Courses

National Accredited Technical Education Diploma courses provide students with practical and theoretical knowledge readying them to enter the workforce.

Requirements For NATED Courses

NATED courses can be completed with a matric or matric equivalent certificate. If you do not have one of these qualifications, you can enrol in our Adult Matric or Matric Upgrade programmes.

Course material and examinations are presented in English, so you will need a good understanding of the language.

Which Courses Do NATED Offer?

There are several NATED courses you can complete with a matric equivalent certificate:

The following NATED courses require a matric certificate:

Why Should I Consider NATED Courses?

NATED courses have many benefits both in the way they are presented and how this will help you once you enter the workforce. Here are some of the benefits:

  • NATED courses give you more credibility.
  • You can receive a quality education.
  • Your career options will expand.
  • You will be prepared to enter the workforce since you learn both theoretical and practical skills.
  • NATED courses are nationally recognised.

Adult Matric

Adult Matric is a great option for anybody who was unable to finish their matric year.

Application Requirements for Adult Matric

There are only two main requirements needed to apply for your Adult Matric:

  • Grade 9 certificate: You must have your grade 9 certificate to apply. You cannot apply with an affidavit.
  • You must be over the age of 21: Adult Matric courses can be started at 19, but you must be over the age of 21 to write your final exams.

Why Should You Choose an Adult Matric?

Here are a few reasons why you should work towards getting your Adult Matric:

  • More career options: When you have an Adult Matric, you will have more career options.
  • You can go to university: You cannot study at a university level if you do not have a matric certificate. With one, you can work towards a degree.
  • Earn more money: A matric certificate doubles your earning potential.
  • Getting hired: Companies are more likely to hire people with matric certificates than those without them.
  • Distance learning: Adult Matric is completed through distance learning. You have the opportunity to work while you study and work on your own time.
  • No difference between Adult Matric and a normal Matric Certificate: Both certificates are accredited by Umalusi, making them identical. The only difference is when you graduate.

Matric Upgrade

If you are not satisfied with your matric marks, you have the option to improve these. 

You do not have to redo all of your subjects. By doing a Matric Upgrade, you will be able to choose other subjects to complete to reach the mark you need to apply for further education. You can also choose to rewrite the subjects you were not satisfied with and get better results. 

Your marks will be consolidated into a single certificate along with the unchanged marks of the subjects you did not rewrite.

Study Without Matric

Matric College offers courses you can study without matric. These courses include:

The following other reputable colleges offer courses that you can study without matric, ICB courses and NATED courses:

Narrowing Down Your Options

Many options can be overwhelming at times. It is best to choose a course that:

  • You are interested in
  • Will offer many job opportunities
  • Suits your personality and natural skills

If you are still unsure about which option would be the best for you, consider taking an aptitude test. This will help you to see what interests you and which skills come naturally to you. You can find one here.

Author: Karla Nortier

Published: May 11, 2021


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