Matric Exam Results | Everything You Need To Know- And More

This page contains all the information you need on The Matric Examination Results and what you can study with us after Matric based on the results you got.

Are you anxiously, nervously, or excitedly waiting for your Matric Exam Results? Here you will find the latest information on the Matric Exam Results.

How Can I Get My 2023 Matric Results?

There are different ways in which you can get your Matric results. With technology to your advantage, you can now view your results online. Consider the following options:

  • On your cellphone: This could be through SMS or USSD
  • Online: visit news websites if you have your results published, or

    • Head to the DBE website

  • In newspapers: This option is only applicable if you have given consent to having your results publicised
  • From your High School: If you wrote your exams at your High School. You will be able to receive your results there

The 2023 Matric Exam results will be released and accessible on the 19th of January 2024.

How Can I Get My Matric Results On My Phone?

There are three ways you can access your Matric results. In this section, you will be provided with how you can access your results. You can access your results online in the following ways:

  • SMS
    You can SMS your ID number and Examination number to 35658. You will pay between R1.50 to R3 per SMS.

    Please note that the SMS numbers and the cost per SMS are subject to change.

  • USSD
    You can start by dialling *120*45856# and follow the prompts. The USSD and cost per minute you will pay are subject to change.
  • MatricsMate App
    Download the app from your Google or Apple Play Store and enter your ID and Examination number. You will be able to see your results once they are available.

Can I Get My Matric Results Online?

Can I Get A Copy Of My Matric Certificate Online

You will need to apply for a re-issue of your results. This is the only way you will be able to receive a copy of your Matric certificate. There is, however, information you will need to know about this service rendered through the DBE.

Here is a table outlining the process:

Identify The Reasons For The Re-Issue
  1. Did you lose your Matric certificate?
  2. Did you damage your Matric certificate?
  3. Rewrote subjects or added subjects?
Supporting Documents

For Lost And Damaged:

  • You will need to provide an Affidavit

    • Detail what happened to your certificate (lost or damaged)

  • Provide your damaged Original certificate

    • If you lost your certificate, this requirement does not apply

  • Make sure that you provide a certified copy of your ID

    • Preferably not a certified copy older than 3 months

  • There is a fee involved, and once paid, provide the proof that you paid;

    • R164.00
    • R57.00 (statement of results)

Prices are subjects to change annually!

Combining Results:

  • You will need to provide your results from all the examination sittings
  • Like the other options, you will need to provide a certified copy of your ID;
    • Always ensure that the certification date is not older than 3 months
  • There is also a fee involved that after paying, you will need to provide proof;

    • R164.00
    • R57.00 (statement of results)
Results Availability
  • The re-issuing of your results can take between 4–6 weeks to be issued. You could however do the following;

    • Use the references given during the application to keep track of your application

Can I Receive My Results From Umalusi Online?

Yes, Umalusi gives the option to replace certificates online. You can do this by visiting their website. Here is what will be expected from you: 

Step one: Application Form

You will need to obtain this form from the DBE website. You will find this form by first going to their home page. Then you can do the following: following

  1. Scroll down until you find the “Quick Link” for Certification services. It should look something like this:

  2. You should then be given some options. Click on the option that applies to you. You would most likely need to click the link to apply:

  3. After you have been directed to the page that explains the different applications. You can scroll down until you have found the section where the forms are provided; it is right at the bottom. This section:

    Click on the form that applies to you. Since you need your results, you should choose the last option. It should download immediately.  Once you have the form, fill it in and add it to the documents Umalusi requires.

Step 2: Provide An Affidavit

You can do this at any police station. Simply ask for an affidavit from an officer. This document should state what happened to your certificate. You will have to detail if it is lost or damaged. It should be signed as well. 

Step 3: Copy Of Identity Document - Certified

You will be able to have your copy certified at a police station as well. A commissioner of oaths will need to certify the copy. This can also be done at an attorney’s office.  

Step 4: Pay The Fee And Provide Proof

This is important! There is an administration fee that will need to be paid. This fee will be corresponded to you by the accredited assessment body. You need to provide proof that you paid the assessment body. 

Will The Matric Results Be Published In Newspapers?

This was to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act). Results will, however, still be made publicly available in newspapers.

Although this is the case, to protect the identities of the students, the results will only be published with the exam number of the students and not their names and ID Numbers. 

When Can I Get My Matric Results From My High School?

Once Umalusi verifies the Matric results, you will be able to get your Matric results from your High School on the day that they are released. You will be issued a hard copy of your results. This is called your Matric Statement of Results.

How Will I Know If I Passed?

You will know if you passed after looking at your Matric Results. If you get a National Senior Certificate Pass or higher, you have passed.

Here is a breakdown of the (4) four Matric Pass Levels.

Bachelor’s DegreePass

  • Home Language: 40%
  • Any other (4) four subjects: 50%
  • Any other (2) two subjects: 30%

Diploma Pass

  • Home Language: 40%
  • Any other (4) four subjects: 40%
  • Any other (2) two subjects: 30%

Higher Certificate Pass

  • Home Language: 40%
  • Any other (2) two subjects: 40%
  • Any other (3) three subjects: 30%

National Senior Certificate Pass

  • Home Language: 40%
  • Any other (2) two subjects: 40%
  • Any other (3) three subjects: 30%
  • You can fail (1) one subject

Can I Still Study If I Fail Matric?

Yes, even if you did not pass Matric, you can still study. There are several of courses you can study with Matric College.

What is great about our courses is that you do not need good Matric results or even a Matric Certificate to apply. We give students a chance to further their studies, even if they did not do well in High School.

There are also courses that we offer that will help you improve your results and get your Matric as an adult if you have not done so in High School.

Here is a list of the courses you can study:

Matric Courses

This group of courses are ideal for students who wish to complete their Matric. The options are both for those who have sat for the exams, and those who only have Grade 9. Whether you have complete or incomplete Matric results, you can apply to these:

ICB Courses

With businesses created constantly, the need for a great, supportive team becomes urgent. Teams to manage the finances of the company. The organisational skills of the administration team, as well, as the supervisory skills of a business manager. 

Each of our courses pays attention to giving you the skills to be prepared to take on careers in these different streams.

ICB Business Management

 ICB Office Administration

ICB Financial Accounting

NATED Courses

Receive a diploma that is accredited! Whether you are eager to help children develop or prefer being the backbone of a firm. Our courses ensure you have the theory and skills for the job you will undertake. Here are our offerings: 

Short Courses

Child Day Care Courses

Crèche Management Courses

Child Psychology Courses

First Aid Course

Beauty Therapy Course

Salon Management Course

Nail Care Courses

Make-Up Application Courses

Facial Skincare Courses

Guest House Management Courses

Tourism Management Courses

Events Planning Courses

Wedding Planning Courses

People Also Ask

If you find that you received this symbol, this means there is an outstanding mark. This means that you may have written the exam for a subject, but the results may be pending due to an investigation.

In high school, you are allowed to repeat Grade 12 if you are under 21 years. You can also repeat as many subjects as you need, with a Matric Rewrite course. As an adult (21 years and older), you can add new subjects with our Matric Upgrade course!

If you passed a subject with 80% and higher, you have passed that subject with a distinction. You will also receive an APS score of 7 for that subject. This is an outstanding achievement!

Yes and No. You can achieve outstanding results if you maintain a consistent study routine. Setting aside time for studying and revision, daily, could make it easier to retain information. This will allow you less crunch time during the exam. 

If you leave studying until the last minute, achieving a bachelor’s pass is less guaranteed. At Matric College, we provide great resources on study tips. We also provide tutor support and peer support through different communication platforms. 

To pass successfully, you should have at least 40% in each subject or more. You can however also possibly pass with 30% in a certain amount of subjects. Always be sure to aim for higher results! 

Author: Tammy Fredericks
Editor: Tammy Fredericks
Date Published: November 29, 2022