Furthering your studies

Further your studies at Matric College with or without Matric. We have many courses that you can study to earn valuable skills, knowledge and qualifications.

Furthering your studies is essential. Studying equips you with skills, knowledge and qualifications to help you find employment or start a business. Education increases your chances of success. Therefore, the higher level of education you have, the higher your chances of success become. 

To further your studies, you can apply to Matric College. We have a variety of courses that you can study whether you have a Matric Qualification or not. Our courses help you gain skills, knowledge and qualifications that can be used in finding employment opportunities or opening a business.

Application Process

To apply for any of our courses, you can use the following methods: 

Step 1: 

Step 2: One of our Course Experts gets in touch with you

Step 3: You can select one of the Courses we offer

Step 4: A Course Expert will register you as our student 

Step 5: You will receive the study material, which you can use to study and prepare for your assignments and tests

What Does It Mean To Further Your Studies?

Furthering your studies means that you continue your studies to obtain a higher level of education. This means going to college or university to obtain a qualification that can be used to find work or start a business.

What Are The Benefits Of Furthering Your Studies?

There are many benefits that come with furthering your education. This includes:

Increasing Knowledge 

Furthering your studies increases your knowledge because you are learning new information. This helps you become a better person in your personal life. You are more aware of the environment in which you live, and you make wise decisions.

For example, if you are doing an ICB Financial Accounting, you learn about finances and how essential they are. You learn to save money and become a more responsible person. You are able to care for yourself financially and live a comfortable life. 

Finding Employment 

Studying further is beneficial as it helps you obtain skills, knowledge and qualifications. When you have these components, you are able to find employment. The more knowledge you have, the higher the chances you have to gain employment. 

This is because employers prefer candidates who are skilled in their chosen field of study. 

A High Salary 

It is easier to find employment when you have furthered your studies. You can earn a high salary based on the qualifications you have. The more skills, knowledge and qualifications you have, the more valuable you are to employers. Based on how valuable you are to them, you will earn a high salary. 

Career Transition

You can have various careers if you have furthered your studies. Having many qualifications shows you have acquired knowledge and skills in different fields. This means you can use this to move from one career to another. As a result, you might never have to go without finding employment. 

Should I Continue My Studies Or Work?

This depends on where you are with your studies and what you want to achieve. For example, if you have a Higher Certificate Qualification in Office Administration and your goal is to work as an Office Manager, then you have to continue your studies

To work as an Office Manager, you will need to have either a Diploma or a Degree in Office Administration. 

Both your studies and work are important. You can choose to do both. Apply at Matric College today and study from home. This will give you enough time to work and be able to continue your studies. 

We have tutors who assist you as you study from home. This is to ensure that you study with understanding. They are available on WhatsApp, email and phone call. You can contact them to ask any questions. 

We also provide you with the study material. You do not need to worry about where you will find material to study. 

Studying through us also allows you to study at your own time and pace. This way, you can easily balance your work and studies. 

Why Do Students Work While Studying?

Students work while studying for the following reasons: 

To Start A Business

Students work while studying to be able to earn money that can help them start a business. For example, if a student is studying Business Management, they may want to use their knowledge and skills to open their own business. 

This means they can start working to earn money and save up for their upcoming business. 

To Fund Their Studies

Students work while studying to fund their education. They work and use their salaries to pay for their school fees. In this sense, it instils a form of independence and discipline. 

To Gain Experience 

Students work while studying to gain work experience. By the time they finish their studies and start looking for work, they already have experience. They can use this to look for work. Having work experience increases their chances of getting hired. 

Can I Further My Studies Without Matric?

Yes, you can further your studies without Matric. At Matric College, there are many courses you can study without Matric. Each course equips you with skills and knowledge that you can use in opening a business or looking for work. 

We have the following courses available for students without Matric


Please note that you can apply through us at any time of the year. You will study from home since we are a distance learning college. Our tutors will help you through the process of obtaining your qualification.

Author: Mulisa Nethononda
Editor: Sive Ncanywa
Date: September 20, 2022