Matric Mock Exams

Matric Mock Exams

The upcoming matric final exams are weeks away, and examination anxiety may have kicked in. Your head is probably buzzing with questions. ‘How do I pass matric?’ or ‘how do I prepare for matric exams?’ are now replaced with questions like ‘have I done enough to pass?’ Well, the best way to prepare is through revision. But how do you test your knowledge and determine exam readiness? Through matric mock exams, of course.

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What are Matric Mock Exams?

Don’t know what mock exams are? Mock exams are timed assessments that help you prepare for finals. They contain exam-like questions to test your knowledge on certain topics and should replicate a real exam environment to prepare you for finals. The same rules that apply in exams should apply in trials. Mock Exams form part of the revision process and will give you an insight into the topics you understand and the ones that need your attention.

Do Matric Mock Exams count?

Yes, mock exams are important and have many benefits. They might not count towards your final mark, but they count when you want to determine your exam readiness. Here follow a list of the many benefits of Matric Mock.

1. No pressure

The best way to calm your exam stress is through practice. Trial exams are conducted in controlled, timed environments and will prepare you for the real deal. By setting up multiple Matric Mock Exams, you will familiarise yourself with exam settings and feel more at ease. 

2. Focus on me 

The biggest benefit of Matric Mock Exams is they determine the topics that need more of your attention. Doing them weeks or months ahead of the examination will give you enough time to expand your knowledge in certain areas.

3. Become exam confident

Matric Mock Exams are a great way to boost your confidence. Not only do they focus on determining what you don’t know, but they also help you identify what you know and how much you know. Being aware of your strengths will make you more optimistic about exams.

4. Timing is everything 

One of your biggest concerns in the examination room might be the fear of running out of time. Matric Mock Exams can serve as an indicator of which type of questions you’re spending too much time on. These practice exams will give you an idea of how much time you have to complete each section of your paper.

What is the difference between mock exams and doing past papers?

Mock exams and past papers are a means of revision and prepare you for your final examination. Both can determine which topics need a little more attention and what you already know. The key difference between the two is one is more formal than the other. Mock examinations are timed, revision through past papers are not. However, you may use past exam papers to set up your mock exam.

How to set up Matric Mock Exams

Now that you are aware of the importance of Matric Mock Exams, the next step is to set up one for yourself to prepare for final exams. It’s quite easy to do. You may want to ask your classmates if they are interested in taking Matric Mock Exams as well. They too might be too distracted to revise informal environments at home.

1. Prepare a venue

The ideal location for your mock exams should be quiet and free from any interruptions. You should have a desk and chair to create an exam-like atmosphere. If you don’t have privacy at home, you ask a friend or family member if they have a quiet space at their homes where you can conduct your test. Another option would be to visit your local library, or you can ask for permission at school to arrange Matric Mock Exams for you and your peers.

2. Preparing question papers

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t set-up question papers for yourself. The obvious reason being you would only focus on testing yourself on the topics you’re familiar with. Try looking into past papers – they are a great resource. We have past papers available to download here.

3. Get an invigilator

To create an even more formal setting, you should ask someone to act as an exam invigilator. There are many distractions at home that may prevent you from studying and revising. Having an invigilator present will ensure that you stay focused. An exam invigilator will also act as a timekeeper, and also prevent cheating.

Are you interested in setting up your own Matric Mock Exams?

Have a look at our downloadable past papers and matric memos to help you with your studies.

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Author: Cherri-Lee Rhode
Last Updated: August 29, 2019