The Importance Of Matric And What Options I Have

Matric is important as it will determine what you can be in future. The course of your dreams can be determined by how you will fare when you write your Matric.

Matric also known as Grade 12 is the last class in High School. This class is important because if you pass it, you earn a Matric Certificate. This qualification is important in South Africa because it gives you the ability to study at a college or university. 

Besides gaining access to study further, a Matric Certificate also helps you with the following:                  

  • Careers 
  • Bursaries 
  • University 
  • Learnerships 
  • Independence


when you have a Matric Certificate in South Africa, you have an important Qualification. Not many people made it to Matric or passed Matric. To have this qualification is an achievement that is recognised in the country. 

When you have a Matric Certificate, you can find employment in the following: 

  • Personal Assistant 
  • Receptionist 
  • Call Centre Agent 
  • Student Support Administrator 
  • Waiter/Waitress 
  • Cashier 
  • Sales Representative
  • General Worker 
  • Security Officer 
  • Driver
  • Packer


A Matric Certificate helps you gain access to bursary opportunities. Most bursary opportunities accept students who have passed Matric well. They pay for your studies, which leaves you stress-free. This has a good reflection on your studies because you study with no financial pressure worrying you. 


A Matric Certificate allows you to study at university for the course you want. You study and pursue the career you love. You gain knowledge and skills which are quality education. This helps you become a candidate that is qualified to work in your dream career. 

When employers see that you got your qualification from a university, they feel the need to hire you because they know you have acquired relevant knowledge and skills. Do keep in mind that universities have certain requirements you must meet before they accept you for studies.


When you have a Matric Certificate, you gain access to learnerships. You are able to follow your dream career. You gain skills while earning a stipend. This is good because you become a candidate that is skilled in their department, and this helps you gain employment when you look for it. 


Having a Matric Certificate means you have learnt so much. You have gained the ability to read, write and understand. Matric helps you be an independent human being. You can think for yourself and make informed decisions. 

What Is The Meaning Of Pre Matric?

Pre-Matric is a term used by Grade 11 learners in High School as a way to refer to themselves because they are almost in Matric (Grade 12). 

What Does Matric Mean?

Matric is the final class in South African High Schools. This class is known as Grade 12 or Matric. This is the class that determines whether learners can go to university or not. It is a highly valued class in South Africa. 

Which Class Is Known As Matric?

Grade 12 is the class known as Matric. This class is the final one in High School. If you pass this class, you gain a Matric Certificate issued by Umalusi. You can use the Matric Certificate to study further.

How Can I Pass Matric Easily?

You can pass Matric easily by doing the following: 

  • Study 
  • Revise 
  • Study Groups 
  • Questions 
  • Assistance
  • Write exams 


The secret to passing any class in school is to study. Take time to study every day for at least three hours. This is how you will cover a lot of school work. When you study daily, you do not forget information because you constantly revise the work. 

If studying daily seems impossible, try studying at least four times a week. Matric is a demanding class, and it needs you to study constantly in order to pass. 


Matric exam papers usually repeat certain questions year after year. You should look at previous question papers and see what questions examiners like to ask. Study these questions along with many others and prepare for the exam. 

Revising past papers will prepare you for the exam. You will get used to how exam questions are set and this will put you at ease. When the exam comes, you will feel ready to write.

Study Groups

Join study groups where you will study with other Matric students. This can be students from your school or others. You will have a space to share ideas and have discussions. This way you will gain more knowledge which will help you in your tests, assignments and exams


If you are not sure about something you are learning, ask your teachers. Do not let the teacher pass on a topic that you do not understand. Ask them, and they will try to explain until you understand. 

It is important that you understand every topic in case it appears in your exams. You must be able to answer any questions in the exam so that you get marks and pass. 


As a student in Matric, you must have extra assistance. Besides attending classes in school, you must invest in a personal tutor or extra classes. Being taught by a different person will give you a different view of your subjects. You will gain new information and understand the subjects better.

Write Exams

It is important that you write all your assessments to pass Matric easily. There are tests, assignments and exams to be completed. You must complete these to pass. There are also class assessments such as oral presentations that must be done. Participate in these and gain marks that will help you pass. 

What Are The Compulsory Subjects?

There are different compulsory subjects for Matric. From these subjects, you must choose four (4) subjects to study. These subjects must include: 

  • Life Orientation 
  • One Mathematical subject 
  • Home Language 
  • English First Additional Language 

These are the compulsory subjects: 

  • English Home Language
  • English First Additional Language
  • Afrikaans Huistaal
  • Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal
  • Sesotho Home Language
  • Siswati Home Language
  • Setswana Home Language
  • isiZulu Home Language
  • isiXhosa Home Language
  • isiNdebele Home Language
  • Sepedi Home Language
  • Xitsonga Home Language
  • Tshivenda Home Language
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Literacy
  • Life Orientation 

There are also subjects that are elective. You can choose any subjects you want to study, on the condition that you choose three (3) subjects: 

  • Economics 
  • Physical Sciences
  • Life Sciences 
  • Agricultural Sciences 
  • Business Studies 
  • Accounting 
  • History 
  • Geography 
  • Religious Studies 

What Are The 3 Types Of Certificates You Can Get In Matric?

There are four (4) types of Certificate passes in Matric. You must obtain one of these to pass Matric. We have arranged these pass levels from the highest to the lowest pass. These are the Matric pass levels: 

Requirements For A Bachelor’s Degree Pass Level

  • A minimum of 40% in your home language 
  • A minimum of 50% in four subjects 
  • A minimum of 30% in two other subjects 

Requirements For A Diploma Pass Level

  • A minimum of 40% in your home language 
  • A minimum of 40% in four subjects 
  • A minimum of 30% in two other subjects 

Requirements For A Higher Certificate Pass Level

  • A minimum of 40% in your home language 
  • A minimum of  40% in two subjects 
  • A minimum of 30% in four other subjects 

Requirements For A National Senior Certificate Pass Level

  • A minimum of 40% in your home language 
  • A minimum of 30% in two other subjects 
  • A minimum of 30% in three subjects 
  • You can fail one subject

Why Is A Bachelor's Pass Important?

A Bachelor’s Degree Pass is important because it is accepted at university. This is the highest pass level, and it is valued by universities. However, you should keep in mind that to be accepted into university, you must meet the requirements set by the university. 

Having a Bachelor’s Degree Pass does not mean you automatically have access to university. 

Can You Apply At University If You Failed Your Matric?

No, you can not apply to university if you have failed Matric. Universities only accept students who have passed Matric. If you failed Matric, you can apply for the rewrite exam through the Department of Basic Education and rewrite your final exam. If you pass, you can use your results to apply to university. 

You can also apply to Matric College. You can upgrade your Matric results through the Upgrade Matric course. You can apply whether you failed or passed Matric. When you study, you will also have a chance to choose a minimum of four objects which are new. 

When you pass the Upgrade Matric course, you can use your Matric Certificate to apply to university. 

What Can I Study Without Grade 12?

If you do not have Matric, you can study at Matric College. These are the courses you can study: 

ICB Courses

These courses will equip you with knowledge and skills that are in demand in South Africa. You will gain a qualification that is recognised in different countries, which will raise your chances of gaining employment. 

Short Courses

Through Short Courses, you gain skills that are great for employment and business. You will also earn a Certificate Qualification that is good for employment.

Rewrite Matric Course

This course allows you to rewrite your Matric. When you complete the course, you gain a Matric Certificate, which you can use to study further or find work. 

Adult Matric Course

The Adult Matric Course helps you gain Matric if you are an adult who is 21 years or older. You can use the Matric Certificate you earn to study further or find employment. 

Author: Mulisa Nethononda
Editor: Connor Bergsma
Date Published: June 23, 2022