Why grade 11 is as important as matric

Your Grade 11 is as important as Matric because it prepares you for university. If you pass Grade 11 well, you can apply and secure your place at university.

Grade 11 is one of the most important grades in High School. This grade is important because it is one step toward your final year in High School (Matric). You must invest in your Grade 11 studies to make it to Matric. If you do well in Matric, you will be able to advance your career through university studies or entry-level employment.

Why Is The End Of Grade 11 Marks So Important In Terms Of A Career Choice?

Your Grade 11 marks are important in terms of career choice because they can determine whether you study the career choice you want at university or not. If you pass well in Grade 11, you will have a high chance of passing well in Matric too. This is because most of the things you learn in Grade 11 apply to Matric as well. 

It is possible to study your career choice at university if you pass Grade 11 and Grade 12 (Matric) well.

Why Do Universities Use Grade 11?

Universities use Grade 11 marks as a way to give provisional acceptance to students. This is when you are accepted into the university based on your Grade 11 marks, but need to pass your Matric well to get admission permanently. Without good grades in your Matric results, you may lose your provisional admission.

You can use a Grade 10 Qualification or Grade 10 Equivalent Qualification to study the courses above. This also means that you can use your Grade 11 Certificate to apply for these courses. Please note that the above courses are studied in succession. You must study the first course to gain a qualification that allows you to study the second course and onward.  

If you study the ICB Business Management Courses, you will be able to find work in the following: 

  • Business Manager 
  • Junior Researcher 
  • Customer Service Manager 
  • Sales Assistant 
How ICB Courses Work

If you study ICB Financial Accounting Courses, you will be able to find work in the following: 

  • Financial Manager 
  • Payroll Clerk 
  • Tax Technician 
  • Assistant Manager

Short Courses

If you study the above Short Courses, you will have skills that are not only good for employment, but for business too. You can use your skills to start a business. You will be able to start and manage a company successfully. 

Adult Matric Course 

Your Grade 11 Qualification can be used to study our Adult Matric Course. This course is created for adults ages 21 years or older. You gain knowledge and a Matric Qualification when you study this course. The Matric Qualification can be used to further your studies at university or find entry-level career opportunities

Which Grade Is The Most Important?

Grade 12 also known as Matric is the most important grade in High School. This grade determines whether you will be able to further your studies at university or not. You must study hard to pass your Matric. 

Make sure you obtain at least 50% in all subjects. This will make you pass with the highest Matric Pass Level, which is a Bachelor’s Degree Pass.

Do You Have To Take Maths In 12th Grade?

Yes, you have to take a Mathematical subject in 12th Grade (Matric). Having a Mathematical subject is compulsory in Matric. This is whether you take the Mathematical Literacy or Mathematics subject.

Is An 80% A Good Grade?

Yes, 80% is a good grade. This is a distinction pass in Matric. If you obtain 80% or higher marks, you get a distinction. With this mark, you raise your chances of getting admission to the university.

Can I Apply To University With My Grade 12 Marks?

Yes, you can apply to university with your Grade 12 marks. Universities accept both Grade 11 and Grade 12 results. You will need to meet the minimum requirements to study. Find out what the requirements of the university where you want to study are, and study to meet those requirements.

Why Do Learners Perform Well In Grade 12 But Are Still Not Accepted Into Universities?

Learners do well in Grade 12 and do not get accepted at universities because they fail to meet the minimum requirements set. Although a student has passed well, their marks may not be enough to study at university. 

Universities usually have two requirements that learners must meet. The first one is the university entry requirements. A university may require that all students have a Bachelor’s Degree Pass to gain entrance into their institution. If learners meet this, they will be accepted into the institution. 

For the second requirement, most universities may ask that a student have certain marks for specific subjects. For example, they may require that a student have 70% for English and 60% for Maths if they want to study a Degree in Financial Accounting

Although the student may have good marks, if they can not provide 70% for English and 60% for Maths, they will not be accepted into the Degree in Financial Accounting Course. This is where most universities will advise students to either go and upgrade their Matric subjects or choose a different course that they can study at university.

How Do You Get A Bachelor's Pass In Matric?

You receive a Bachelor’s Degree Pass in Matric by obtaining the following minimum requirements:

  • A minimum of 40% in your home language 
  • A minimum of 50% in four subjects 
  • A minimum of 30% in two other subjects 

If you passed Matric but did not meet the minimum requirements to receive a Bachelor’s Degree Pass, you are eligible to improve your results. Apply now at Matric College for our Upgrade Matric Course and start studying for better marks.

Author: Mulisa Nethononda
Editor: Sive Ncanywa
Date: August 05, 2022