Failing Grade 12: Exploring Your Next Steps With Matric College

What are my options if I fail Grade 12? Explore the potential pathways for students who do not achieve success in Grade 12

Matric College offers an assortment of courses created in a way that will meet your needs and wants. We are proud of our ability to create a nurturing environment where you can explore, learn, and grow through the resources we have to offer. We aim to ensure you are well-equipped for the future you choose for yourself.

What Does It Mean To Fail Grade 12 In South Africa?

While failing Grade 12 in South Africa might initially seem like a setback. It is necessary to remember that it is not the end of your academic journey. There are numerous ways available for you if you do not achieve the desired results in your Grade 12 exams. 

Matric College, as a result, provides several courses and resources to help you get back on track. We believe that every student’s potential goes beyond a single examination result. The key is understanding, “What are my options if I fail grade 12?”.” In order to achieve a brighter future, you should take proactive steps.

There are many options you can choose from at our College, with different durations to meet your goals. 

What Types Of Grade 12 Courses Are Available To Me?

In South Africa, Grade 12 courses come in different forms. If you are an adult who did not finish school, the Adult Matric (Grade 12) Programme would be the best option. It helps older students get their Senior Certificate.

If you took your exams and failed subjects, the Grade 12 Rewrite Programme can help. It lets you take the exams for specific subjects or all your subjects again to improve your marks. Did you pass your Grade 12, but want better grades? Our Grade 12 Upgrade Programme is your best choice. This course helps to boost your existing scores.

Each of these courses is designed to give you a second chance. Matric College is a place where you can find all these options.

Course NameDescriptionEntry RequirementsSubjects OfferedCreditsAwarded By
Adult Matric Programme Senior CertificateDesigned for individuals 21 and older without matric. Obtain Senior Certificate.21 years or older, passed Grade 9Compulsory subjects and Elective subjects120Umalusi
Matric Rewrite ProgrammeFor students who wrote matric exams but did not pass or wish to improve marks.Previously written the matric examsBased on previous subjects130Umalusi
Matric Upgrade ProgrammeFor students who passed matric but want to upgrade marks.Passed the matric examsBased on previous subjects130Umalusi

How Can I Apply For A Grade 12 Course At Matric College?

Applying for a Matric course at Matric College is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring you can easily navigate your way to the next steps. We have a Contact Us page that will give you all the necessary details, or you could simply click one of the buttons across our articles. Here is the streamlined process:

  • Click Apply or contact one of our experts
  • Fill in the forms provided, make sure you provide the correct details
  • After you have provided your details, a Course Expert from Matric College will contact you
  • With the Course Expert guidance, choose your subjects and decide on a payment plan that suits you. (For the Matric Rewrite course, you will have to repeat the subjects you had written before)
  • Once you are registered, you will receive your materials in 5 to 7 days

It is worth noting that different courses have specific requirements. For the Adult Matric Course, for example, you should have passed Grade 9 or hold a Grade 9 Equivalent Certificate (ABET Level 4). You also need to be 21 or older by the time you sit for the exam, though you can apply at 19.

What Distinguishes A Full-Time Grade 12 Course From A Part-Time One?

A full-time Matric course requires students to study for most of the day. It is similar to a regular school day. This option is best if you can dedicate a lot of time to your studies. On the other hand, a part-time Grade 12 course is more flexible. Students study for a few hours a day or week. It is ideal if you have work or other commitments. Think about your daily routine or speak with course experts for a better understanding. Choose the course type that fits best with your goals and schedule.

How Much Time Is Typically Required To Complete A Grade 12 Course?

The time to complete a Grade 12 course can vary. For a full-time course, it usually takes a year. This is the same as a regular school year. For a part-time course, it might take longer. It depends on how many hours you study each week. Some students finish in two years. Others might take three or more. It is important to choose a pace that suits you. 

Remember, the goal is to understand the material and pass the exams.

How Can I Prepare For A Successful Matric Rewrite?

If you are pondering your next steps after not succeeding in your Grade 12 exams, a Matric rewrite is a solid choice. It offers an opportunity to improve your marks. But, to achieve this, you need a robust plan. Here are some strategies, tips, and common mistakes to consider.

What Strategies Can Enhance My Chances Of Passing Matric Upon Rewriting My Exams?

Having a clear strategy is key to succeeding in any Matric rewrite. Often studying hard is not enough, that is why you should study smart as well. Setting a consistent study schedule helps in covering all topics. Practising with past papers gives a feel of the real exam. Joining study groups can provide diverse perspectives.  

Here is a breakdown of steps you could take to increase the chances of passing your Grade 12 rewriting exams:

  1. Stick to a Study Schedule by setting specific times for study
  2. Use Past Papers, they help familiarise you with the exam format
  3. Join Study Groups to learn from peers and share insights
  4. Seek help If you are unsure about the topic you are busy with, ask teachers or use online resources available 

Are There Any Study Tips Specifically For Grade 12 Exams?

Grade 12 exams have their unique challenges. Breaking topics into smaller chunks can make studying more manageable. Mnemonics, or memory aids, can be invaluable in recalling complex information. A lot goes into preparing for your exams.

Studying for your Grade 12 exams goes beyond just studying and trying to recall what you have learnt. Our brains are only able to process a certain amount of information at a time. You can not afford last-minute cramming.

Take these four tips into consideration as you prepare for your Grade 12 exams:

  1. Break topics down to study in more manageable chunks to aid memory
  2. Use memory cards to assist in recalling facts
  3. Stay healthy, eat balanced meals, sleep adequately, and take breaks
  4. Stay positive and try to stay confident, both will bring out a great mindset to complete your Grade 12 exams 

What Common Mistakes Should I Avoid When Sitting For Grade 12 Exams?

Exams can be stressful, leading to avoidable mistakes. Not reading questions properly can result in misinterpretation. Poor time management can leave some questions unanswered. Skipping questions can cost valuable marks, even if you return to them later. And not reviewing answers can lead to silly mistakes. The first step to fixing your habits is understanding what they are. What is it that causes you not to finish in time? Are you spending too much time on a question? Asking yourself questions will help you get to conclusions.

Take these tips on how you can overcome those challenges that put you at a disadvantage during exams:

  • Read through your exam paper, and focus on each question to understand what is being asked
  • While you are busy with your exams. Remind yourself of the time, and answer the questions as fast and as accurately as possible
  • If you are stuck, move to the next and return later
  • Double-check your responses before finalising

Preparing for a Grade 12 rewrite might seem intimidating. However, you can still achieve the goals you set for yourself if you have the right methods in place. And always remember, Matric College is there to guide and support you.

What Are My Alternatives If I Do Not Want To Repeat Or Rewrite Grade 12?

Instead of redoing Grade 12, there are other options. A fantastic one is doing Grade 12 equivalent courses. This way you get a second chance at completing Grade 12 while heading straight into subjects aimed for a particular career.

If I Fail Grade 12 And Opt Against Repeating Or Rewriting, What Are My Options?

Failing Grade 12 can be a setback, but definitely not the end of your academic journey. There are numerous avenues you can explore that do not necessarily involve repeating or rewriting the entire grade. Joining courses on the same level as Grade 12 could be a great opportunity to get a certified qualification and propel your career.

ICB Courses Equivalent To Grade 12

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) offers courses that are recognised as equivalent to the Grade 12 qualification. These courses are designed to equip you with specialised skills in the field of finance and bookkeeping. Take a look at these equivalent courses offered at our college:

What Is The Small Business Financial Management: ICB National Certificate?

The Small Business Financial Management: ICB National Certificate is a course tailored for individuals keen on mastering the basics of financial management within a small business context. 

This course delves deep into the principles of business management, bookkeeping to trial balance, and business literacy. Upon completion, you will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of financial transactions, banking procedures, and effective communication strategies, making you invaluable assets in small business finance.

  • Credits: 120
  • Requirements: Grade 11 or equivalent, or the ICB Bookkeeping National Certificate. You can apply to this course if you are 16 and older
  • NQF Level: 4
  • Certificate Type: National Certificate
  • Awarded by: ICB, QCTO

What Is The Bookkeeping: ICB FET Course?

If you are inclined towards bookkeeping, the Bookkeeping: ICB FET Certificate serves as an ideal choice. This course offers a thorough exploration of bookkeeping principles, from foundational concepts to more advanced topics. 

You are introduced to the intricacies of financial statements, year-end adjustments, and taxes. By the end of the course, they possess the knowledge and skills to manage books efficiently, ensuring financial accuracy and transparency in business operations.

What Short Courses Can I Do If I Failed Grade 12?

There are numerous short courses available at Matric College that can pave the way for a bright future. 

These courses are designed to equip you with practical skills and knowledge in various fields, from beauty therapy to event planning. Not only do they provide an opportunity for personal and professional growth, but they also open doors to various career paths. 

So, even if traditional Grade 12 did not go as planned, there is always a chance to learn, grow, and succeed with these courses.

First Aid Course

First Aid is an essential skill that everyone should consider learning. It equips you with the knowledge and confidence to respond to various emergencies. Whether at home, in the workplace, or public spaces, having first aid skills can make a significant difference.

At Matric College, the First Aid Concepts course is designed to provide comprehensive training in first aid, ensuring that learners are well-prepared to handle emergencies:

Child Day Care Courses

Child care is a rewarding profession that requires passion, dedication, and a genuine love for children. The Child Day Care Courses at Matric College are designed to equip you with the necessary skills to provide quality care for children. 

These courses cover various aspects of child care, from basic care routines to more advanced topics like child psychology. Whether you are looking to start your own daycare centre or work in an established setting, these courses will provide you with a solid foundation. Take a look at our Child Daycare courses:

Crèche Management Courses

Managing a crèche involves more than just looking after children. It requires effective management skills, understanding the needs of children, and ensuring a safe and conducive environment for learning and play. 

The Crèche Management Courses at Matric College delve into the intricacies of running a successful crèche, from administrative tasks to curriculum planning:

Child Psychology Courses

Understanding the minds of children is crucial for anyone involved in child care or education. The Child Psychology Courses at Matric College offer insights into the developmental stages of children, their behaviour, and the factors that influence their growth. 

These courses are ideal for parents, teachers, and childcare professionals who wish to deepen their understanding of children’s psychology:

Beauty Therapy Course

The beauty industry is always changing, with new trends and techniques developing on a regular basis. The Beauty Therapy: Expert Course at Matric College provides comprehensive training in various beauty treatments, ensuring that you will be up-to-date with the latest in the industry.

 Whether you are looking to start your own beauty salon or work in a spa, this course will equip you with the skills you need:

Salon Management: Expert Course

Running a successful salon requires a combination of beauty expertise and business skills. The Salon Management: Expert Course at Matric College covers both these aspects, ensuring that you are well-equipped to manage a salon efficiently. We offer this well-rounded course, to have you start your own salon:

Nail Care Courses

Nail art and care have become an essential part of the beauty industry. The Nail Care Courses at Matric College provide in-depth training in various nail treatments, from basic manicures to intricate nail art designs. We offer you three courses in this order:

Make-Up Application Courses

Make-up artistry is a blend of creativity and skill. The Make-Up Application Courses at Matric College are designed to hone both these aspects, ensuring that you can create stunning make-up looks for various occasions:

Facial Skincare Courses

The starting point of any beauty routine is healthy skin. The Facial Skincare Courses at Matric College cover various skincare treatments and routines, ensuring that you can provide the best care for your clients’ skin:

Tourism Management Courses

The travel and tourism industry offers numerous opportunities for growth and exploration. The Tourism Management Courses at Matric College provide comprehensive training in various aspects of tourism management.

From planning tours to understanding the intricacies of the travel industry. Take a look at our Tourism Management Courses, from the basic concepts to a more comprehensive understanding:

Guest House Management Courses

Running a guest house requires a blend of hospitality skills and business acumen. The Guest House Management Courses at Matric College are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to manage a guest house successfully:

Wedding Planning Courses

Weddings are joyous occasions that require meticulous planning. The Wedding Planning Courses at Matric College provide in-depth training in all aspects of wedding planning, ensuring that you can create memorable experiences for couples. Our course offering will give you the skills to start your own business:

Events Planning Courses 

Organising a successful event is no small feat. It requires meticulous planning, attention to detail, and a flair for creativity. The Events Planning Courses at Matric College provide a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses all elements of event management. From the selection of venues to the coordination with vendors, learners acquire the necessary skills to successfully organise an unforgettable event. If you see yourself organising events, view our course options: 

Is It Possible To Secure A Job Without A Grade 12 Certificate?

Certainly, it is possible to secure a job without a Grade 12 certificate. However, it might not be the best choice in today’s rapidly evolving world. As technology advances at a fast pace, the demand for continuous learning and adaptation grows. 

Being equipped with a Grade 12 certificate not only showcases your academic achievements but also demonstrates a commitment to learning and the ability to keep up with the changing times. Without it, one might find themselves at a disadvantage, especially in industries heavily influenced by technological advancements.

Why Is Grade 12 Important For Employers?

For many employers, a Grade 12 certificate represents more than just academic knowledge. It signifies an individual’s dedication, perseverance, and ability to complete a set curriculum. Moreover, in a world where technology is integral to almost every industry, having a Grade 12 education ensures that potential employees have a foundational understanding of various subjects. 

This makes it easier for them to adapt to training and new technologies in the workplace. Furthermore, it provides employers with a benchmark, ensuring that their employees have met a certain standard of education, which can be crucial for roles that require critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication.

What Options Do I Have If I Fail Grade 12 In South Africa?

Before making any decisions, it is essential to understand all the options available. From rechecking and remarking exam papers to considering alternative educational routes, there are ways to move forward. 

Recheck the Grade 12 Exam Paper

If you believe there might have been an oversight in the marking of your Grade 12 exam paper, you have the option to request a recheck. A recheck involves a different examiner going through your paper to ensure that all answers have been marked and that the marks have been tallied correctly. 

It is a straightforward process and can sometimes lead to a change in the final mark, especially if there were errors in the initial checking.

Remark Grade 12 Exam Paper

Opting for a remark means that your entire exam paper will be marked again by a different examiner. This can be beneficial if you feel that the initial marking was not done fairly or if you were close to the pass mark. However, it is worth noting that your mark can go up, stay the same, or even decrease. 

It is a decision that should be made after careful consideration, keeping in mind the potential outcomes.

What Are The Various Kinds Of Grade 12 Certificate Passes?

Although you pass Grade 12, not all Grade 12 Passes are the same. There are distinct types of Grade 12 certificate passes, each with its own set of criteria and implications for further studies. These include the High Certificate Pass, Diploma Pass, and Bachelor’s Pass.

Each pass type has specific requirements in terms of subjects and percentages. Moreover, the type of pass you achieve can determine your eligibility for various tertiary programmes. It is essential for you to understand these distinctions to make informed decisions about your future.

If you are wondering.

Type of PassPassing PercentageQualifies for tertiary-level
Higher Certificate Pass40% in three subjects & 30% in three other subjectsHigher Certificate courses
Diploma Pass40% in four subjects (one of which must be a Home Language) & 30% in three other subjectsDiploma courses
Bachelor’s Pass40% in your Home Language, 50% in four other High Credit subjects & 30% in two other subjectsDegree courses

How Do South African Universities Classify Grade 12 Certificate Passes?

In South Africa, universities classify Grade 12 certificate passes based on the performance of students in their final Grade 12 exams. The classifications determine the opportunities available to students for further studies. 

There are primarily three types of passes. Each pass level has its own set of requirements and determines the kind of tertiary education programme a student can enrol in. For instance, a Bachelor’s Pass allows students to pursue degree courses at universities, while a Diploma Pass is suitable for diploma courses at universities of technology.

What Advantages Come With Having A Grade 12 Certificate?

Having a Grade 12 certificate opens numerous doors in South Africa. Furthermore, it is the key to tertiary education, allowing you to pursue higher studies and specialise in your chosen fields. Beyond academics and careers, completing Grade 12 boosts confidence and serves as a foundation for lifelong learning. Here are a few advantages of having A Grade 12:

  • A Grade 12 certificate allows you to have a solid, well-rounded education
  • Many employers in South Africa require a Grade 12 certificate as a minimum qualification
  • Grade 12 is a foundation for certain subjects you might want to take for higher education studies
  • You may earn more than you would without a Grade 12
  • Completing Grade 12 provides personal growth and discipline
  • The curriculum helps you gain important skills, from problem-solving to critical thinking
  • Having a Grade has a positive impact on the economy through skilled professions
  • Grade 12 subjects provide you with a broader view, preparing you for global opportunities
  • Often, Grade 12 graduates decide to start their own business, from what they were taught throughout the years

People Also Ask

If you are over 21, you can apply for an Adult Matric. This allows you to complete your Grade 12 certificate by meeting specific requirements and passing the exams.

Yes, many institutions, including Matric College, offer online Grade 12 courses, allowing flexibility and convenience. 

You can rewrite your Grade 12 exams as many times as you need. However, it is essential to prepare thoroughly each time.

Yes, the Department of Education provides past papers and study guides. Many online platforms also offer free resources.

You will be provided with subject certificates or statements even if you fail. These certificates can then be combined with any other attempt you made at completing Grade 12.

You can rewrite the subjects you failed, enrol in bridging courses, or pursue alternative qualifications like vocational training. You can go for equivalent courses as well, that are highly recognised and prepare you for specific careers. Or, you could choose some of our short courses that can give you the skills to apply for a job or start your own business.

If you fail the rewrite, you can consider alternative learning paths, vocational training, or try rewriting again. You can consider having your papers either rechecked or remarked if you feel the results you obtained are not satisfactory. 

Yes, Matric College offers several courses that do not require a Grade 12 Certificate as a prerequisite. For example, our short courses or some of our ICB courses.

You cannot enter a degree course without meeting the requirements, which is passing your grade 12 with a bachelor’s pass. Some institutions may have exceptions, so look out for those. 

There are no legal implications or any penalties. Rewriting Grade 12 is unlimited. However, this could have a negative impact on your mental wellbeing.

Not meeting the minimum requirements means you have not passed Grade 12. You can rewrite the exams or consider other educational paths.

Author: Lynnzelle Adams
Editor: Connor Bergsma
Date Published: October 31, 2023