What Happens After Matric?

What Happens After Matric?

The matrics of 2020 will have to wait until 24 February 2021 to receive their matric results. So it is important to know what steps you have to take as soon as you receive them. 

With some university courses starting later due to the late release, you will have ample time to weigh your options. Read more about 20201 university starting dates here

Preparing for the Unknown

This school year has been a very difficult one to navigate. With COVID-19 keeping learners out of class, students were no doubt slightly unprepared for these final examinations. 

Because of this, it is important to prepare for any outcomes. That means preparing for a pass or a fail. 


There is no doubt that this is what all students hope for. If you find yourself in this position, you most certainly can apply for university (if you get a Bachelor’s pass!). 

Having already applied with your grade 11 results, universities will want to see your final results before acceptance. 

If you aren’t accepted, there are multiple universities and colleges that you can apply to! Have a look at the list of colleges and universities in South Africa. There are also many private institutions that may accept your applications too.

 Have a look here for a few private options.

Passing but unhappy with the results

Often passing isn’t enough. Sometimes we need certain results to get accepted into the courses we want. All is not lost! There are many ways to improve your results so that you may get accepted to study what you want to.

  • Get a remark: Many students opt to have their exams remarked. This could make a difference between your original mark and a distinction. It also might just give you an extra leg-up in your application process. This must be requested as soon as your results are released. 
  • Supplementary exams: A supplementary exam is there to help improve your marks or to help you pass. See this as a second chance to get the results you need. 
  • Re-do Grade 12: This isn’t the easiest choice in the world. Repeating a year can often feel exhausting. But keep in mind that this one year can help better your entire future. 


Failing is not an easy thing but you must remember that it is a very normal part of life. We all want to pass matric but because of the global pandemic, that might not be the case. Remember, you are not alone. This year has been a tough one but you’ll need to reconquer grade 12.

Go back to school: Sometimes the best thing you can do is reapply for your matric year at your school and finish it. Matric certificates will get you far in life and so an extra year is worth much more than you think.
There are options: If you cannot return to school and find yourself in need to move on, there are options. Here are courses you can take without having a matric certificate. Failing is never the end of the road but rather the creation of a new one.
You can always try again: You can do your matric again in a few years. Various institutions offer these options.

Additional help

For all possibilities it is important to be prepared. Whether you passed, failed or would like another chance, you have options!

Matric College

If you need to rewrite your matric exams or do your matric certificate later in life, Matric College is there to help. They also offer courses for individuals who were not able to pass or complete their matric year. 

The world is filled with endless possibilities! Check out their courses here

The Skills Academy

Another institution that has multiple courses is The Skills Academy. Without the need of a matric certificate, you will most certainly find courses to your taste. 

The Skills Academy is a long-distance learning institute that allows you to work from the comfort of your home. Find out about all the courses they have to offer here.

Finding your matric results

Waiting for your matric results can feel like forever. To find your results you will need your examination number, name and surname, contact details and your home language. 

Once the results are released you can search for them here for government schools. 

If you are a student from a private school, your results can be found here.  

This article is an updated version of one published on the 12th of December 2017. See the original article here.

Author: Jan Badenhorst, CEO, Matric College
Date Published: 19 August 2020