Who Qualifies For A Matric Upgrade?

You can apply for our Matric Upgrade course if you are 21 or older and have completed your Matric. You can register any time of the year at Matric College.

Students who qualify for a Matric Upgrade Course are students who have already completed their Matric. This can be a failed Matric,  incomplete Matric or passed Matric Certificate. Here are the other entry requirements:

You can apply for our Matric Upgrade Course any time of the year. We are a distance learning college. This means that you do not have any physical classes or live classes.


Our students may only write the exams in October and November. This means that you have enough time to prepare for the exams.

How Does The Matric Upgrade Work?

Our Matric Upgrade course works like this:

  • Register successfully

    • After you have made contact with us, we will register you as a student at Matric College. This means that you can officially receive your study material.
Calling Hours
  • Get your study material

    • You will receive your study material via courier. It can take between 5 – 7 working days to be delivered.
  • Prepare for the exams

  • Register for the final exams at the Department of Basic Education (DBE) 

    • The registration for the final Matric exams is separate from the registration with us. You have to register with the DBE directly. Registration is at the end of January till mid – February for the May/June exams and from April until the end of May for the October/November exams.

  • Write the exams

    • You can choose which sitting you want to attend. If you choose the May/June sitting, you have between 2 – 4 months to prepare for the exam. If you choose the October/November sitting, you have between 3 and 6 months to prepare for the exams.

  • Combine your results


If your first Matric Certificate is a Bachelor’s Matric Pass Level you cannot combine your Matric Certificates because this is the Highest Matric Pass Level.

You will have two Matric Certificates. This means that you have to apply for jobs and at universities with both Matric Certificates.

Can I Rewrite My Matric Online?

Yes, you can Rewrite your Matric Online at Matric College. All of our courses are done through distance learning. This means that our students study from the comfort of their homes. You can work and study because we do not require you to submit any assignments and you do not have to attend live classes or physical classes.

Can I Still Register To Rewrite My Matric?

Yes, you can register for our Matric Upgrade course any time of the year.  It allows you to rewrite your Matric as an adult or if you have recently completed Matric.

Can I Rewrite My Matric After 10 Years?

Yes, you can rewrite your Matric after 10 years at Matric College. We offer a Matric Rewrite course that you can register for at any time of the year. Here are the two main requirements:

  1. Have already completed Matric

    • Failed Matric Certificate
    • Passed Matric Certificate that needs improvement
    • Incomplete Matric Certificate

  2. Be comfortable studying through distance learning

What Is The Difference Between Upgrading Matric And A Supplementary Exam?

Here are the main differences between a Matric Upgrade and Supplementary Exam:

Supplementary ExamMatric Upgrade
You can apply for this course if you are younger than 21 years old.You can apply for this course if you have already completed Matric. You may apply with failed or passed results.
You can only rewrite the subjects you previously wrote.You can change your subjects to easier ones.
You study from home with the textbooks you received from school.You study from home with the study material that Matric College provides.
Your year mark will count towards your final mark. This means it can bring your marks up.Your final exam mark is your final mark. This means that if you do really well in the exams, your year mark will not affect it because there is no year mark.

Is Upgrading Matric A Good Idea?

Yes, upgrading Matric is a good idea. Here are some reasons why you should upgrade your Matric:

What Happens When You Fail Your Matric Rewrite?

If you fail your Matric Rewrite at Matric College, you can apply to Rewrite your Matric again. In fact, you can rewrite your Matric with us as many times as you like.

Where Can I Upgrade My Matric Results Around Johannesburg?

If you are currently residing in Johannesburg and would like to Upgrade your Matric, you can apply at Matric College. We are a distance learning college. This means you can study in the comfort of your home. We do not have physical classes, and we also do not require you to submit any assignments. Once you have registered for the final examination, you will get a location that is closest to where you live.

Can You Upgrade A Diploma To A Degree?

Yes, you can upgrade a Diploma to a Degree by rewriting your Matric. This only applies to your Matric Certificate and the different Matric Pass Levels. You cannot Upgrade an actual Qualification from a Diploma to a Degree.

Do Universities Accept Upgraded Marks?

Yes, universities do accept upgraded marks. They accept these marks because they can see that you have improved your marks and are willing to improve your marks to gain admission.

Do Universities Check Your Grade 11 Marks?

Yes, some universities do check your Grade 11 marks, but your final Matric marks are the most important marks.

Can A Grade 11 Learner Apply For University?

Yes, a Grade 11 learner can apply to a university, but will not be accepted with a Grade 11 only. The university will still expect the learner to provide the final Matric marks.

What Happens If You Do Not Meet The Requirements For University?

If you do not meet the requirements for university, you can apply for our Matric Upgrade course. This allows you to:

Is 33 A Good APS Score?

Yes, 33 is a good APS Score. Keep in mind that each university or college has its own criteria. Therefore, it is important to research the university or college before you apply. You can apply for any of our courses with your APS Score. Here is a list of the courses we offer:

What Are The 4 Types Of Certificates You Can Get In Matric?

What Documents Are Needed To Register For Matric Rewrite?

Here are the documents you need to register for a Matric Rewrite:

  • Your ID or
  • Birth Certificate or
  • Passport
  • Your failed Matric Certificate, incomplete Matric Certificate, Passed Matric Certificate that needs improvement

How Much Does It Cost To Rewrite Matric Subjects?

To get more information on how much our Matric Upgrade course is, contact one of our friendly Course Experts:

Milan Badenhorst

Sharne Meyer

Shante Goodman

Glynis-Lee Sellidon

Bridgette Linneman

Chardonay Pypers

Masande Nomence


Author: Jesmé Africa
Editor: Amy Venter
Date Published: April 6, 2022