Matric Results Release Date is 23 February 2021

Matric Results Release Date is 23 February 2021

The DBE (Department of Basic Education) has just announced that the 2020 Matric Exams will be completed by 15 December this year.

The marking for the matric exams will be finished by 22 January 2021.

And the matric class of 2020 will get their results on 23 February 2021.

This is more than a month later than in the past. In previous years the matric results have been released around 5 or 6 January every year.

The school year will not be abandoned

Amid lots of speculation that the school year might be abandoned for this year, the DBE has now made it clear that they will complete the school year. And the only “carry over” of the school year into 2021 will be the finalisation of the marking of the matric results. As well as the release of the matric results.

In a press release on Saturday afternoon (1 August 2020), the DBE says that:

The school year will not be “carried over” into the beginning of next year

  • There will be a short school holiday as a break between the third and fourth terms
  • The one week break (between 3rd and 4th terms) will be 26 October to 30 October

When will the 2021 School Year Start?

The DBE also announced that the new school year will start on 25 January 2021 for teachers, and a few days later for learners.



Author: Jan Badenhorst, CEO, Matric College
Date Published: 1 August 2020