Do you want get extra help for your Grade 9 Natural Sciences studies?  And would you like that help for free? A wonderful resource is the Siyavula Grade 9 Natural Science Study Guides.

Grade 9 Natural Science Study Guides


  1. Grade 9 Natural Science A (English)
  2. Grade 9 Natural Science B (English)
  3. Grade 9 Natural Science Teacher’s guide A (English)
  4. Grade 9 Natural Science Teacher’s guide B (English)
  5. Grade 9 Natuurwetenskappe A (Afrikaans)
  6. Grade 9 Natuurwetenskappe B (Afrikaans)
  7. Grade 9 Natuurwetenskappe Onderwysershandleiding A (Afrikaans)
  8. Grade 9 Natuurwetenskappe Onderwysershandleiding B (Afrikaans)

About Siyavula

Right from the start the Siyavula team had a  mission to bring great content to students, for free.  They are passionate about sharing their knowledge.  Over the years they moved from creating Grade 10, 11 and 12 textbooks for Maths, Physics and Chemistry, to creating a full suite of textbooks in these subjects.

Siyavula has created excellent materials, which has become highly respected across South Africa.

Siyavula have also created world class technology that helps students learn, and prepares them for exams.  These services are offered at a fee.

Other Grade 9 Textbooks from Siyavula

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Textbook licensing

The textbooks are published under the following creative commons


You are allowed and encouraged to freely copy these versions. You can photocopy, print and distribute them as often as you like. You can download them onto your mobile phone, iPad, PC or flash drive. You can burn them to CD, email them around or upload them to your website. The only restriction is that you cannot adapt or change these versions of the textbooks, their content or covers in any way as they contain the relevant Siyavula brands, the sponsorship logos and are endorsed by the Department of Basic Education. For more information, visit Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported.


These unbranded versions of the same content are available for you to share, adapt, transform, modify or build upon in any way, with the only requirement being to give appropriate credit to Siyavula. For more information, visit Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.


We wish you all the best with your Natural Science studies!


Last Updated: July 29, 2019