Supply Chain Courses

Supply Chain Courses

Studying supply chain courses are a sure-fire way to a successful career! This industry is interesting and very lucrative. Keep reading for a general overview, as well as the perfect courses to get you started.

Supply Chain and Logistics: What is it?

The base concept of Supply Chain is actually quite simple. It involves the entire process of a product’s lifecycle, from start to finish. This process begins with the raw materials and ends with the finished product sold to the customer. Supply chain management deals with moderating this process and managing all the various steps. 

These steps are all critical parts of the process, and if even one of them is disrupted, the entire chain falters. The steps include harvesting of the raw materials, transporting them to the manufacturer. Next, they are converted and formed into parts for a product, which is delivered to the production line. This is where the product itself is created, modified, and inspected for flaws.

After production, the product is packaged and sent in bulk to the suppliers, which then send the necessary quantities to retail shops and outlets. Finally, the retail shop then markets and sells the product to a customer, completing the supply chain.

As you can see, there are multiple steps to this entire process and each step is as important as the last. If the raw materials are faulty, to begin with, the product will fail to see the retail stores. If the product is assembled correctly but packaging and transportation go wrong, then it will be sent back to the packaging plant. When the finished product is faulty or broken in the customer’s hands, it is recalled to the manufacturer and the customer is reimbursed.

Knowing how this entire process works, how to iron out any flaws and mishaps, is the key to a successful supply chain manager (SCM). Getting the right education is also critical, as any SCM needs to be professionally trained to be able to do their job accurately.

Where can I Study Supply Chain Courses?

There are some great SCM courses out there. But the key is to find one that will provide the right amount of skill and practical knowledge. Skills Academy offers a great selection of courses, and all of them are provided via distance learning!

This makes a lot easier to work and study at the same time. You have some flexibility and freedom with how you approach your studies too. Study in your own time, at the pace that suits you. You also have the ease of mind knowing that you don’t have to stress about missing classes or being late. 

What Supply Chain Courses Should I Study?

Skills Academy offers three courses in SCM, each with their own goals and challenges. There is a natural progression through the courses. It starts with the Short course, laying down the basics and teaching you some core skills. Then it progresses to the Certificate, which expands on some of the skills and information you have learned, while also covering some new content. 

It all comes to a conclusion with the Comprehensive Certificate, which fully rounds out the programme. You gain a more complete understanding of the industry and its tasks. The total duration for the comprehensive certificate is 12 months if you follow the suggested schedule.

As mentioned above, you have the opportunity to work at a faster pace, to complete the course in a shorter amount of time. This allows you to start looking for work much sooner, while also saving you money.

What Will These Courses Teach me?

The programme will start out with the basics in business communication, etiquette and supply chain. These skills are the core of this entire course, thus they are some of the most critical as well. From here, you progress into more advanced topics, like project management and supply and logistics management. They will cover a more expanded section of the industry, flashing out your understanding.

The final chapter of this programme covers the advanced supply chain and logistics management, as well as financial management and organisational skills. This completes your education in SCM and ensures you are prepared to step into the workforce and be successful.

Supply chain courses can offer you a lot in terms of potential jobs and a thriving career in general. If you are passionate about this path, then register now and get started on your studies!

Written By: Michael Kritzinger

Last Updated: 6 June 2020