Secretarial Courses

Secretarial Courses

Studying any secretarial courses with Skills Academy will set you on the right path for success! This career can be very rewarding and interesting, read more below on what secretarial courses are all about.

Why are Secretarial Courses Important?

Technically is it not necessary to study to become a secretary, but it does help tremendously. Secretarial studies help train you in the right skills and knowledge. They educate you in a lot of different areas and fields, allowing you to walk into any industry and fill the position. A well-trained secretary makes the office run so much more efficiently. 

Secretaries often also fill in other duties during the day. Their office might require them to organise staff events, schedule travel arrangements, do preliminary assessments of clients or customers. They might even work directly with the managers and higher-ups, assisting them and making their days less stressful.

Where can I Study These Courses?

Skills Academy has a few secretarial-type courses that might interest you. The courses vary in function and aim, with some going into more details, while others only cover the basics. You can study these courses via distance learning, making it much easier to fit them into your busy life. All of the courses you can study with Skills Academy are offered via distance learning. 

The first course they offer is the short course certificate in Professional Secretary. Professional secretaries work closely with managers, thus they need some excellent communicational skills, as well as being proficient at organising and scheduling. The course has 3 subjects, Introduction to Business English, Computer Practice, and Excellence in Service: Basic. They will cover all the essential skills a secretary should have while also training you how to conduct yourself in a professional manner.

The other course that might interest you, is the Proficiency Certificate in Professional Secretary. It is quite a bot more detailed and in-depth than the short course. You will learn more advanced computer skills and etiquette, as well as business skills and organisational management. These skills are all crucial and will help you immensely during your career. This certificate will let employers know you are trained and educated properly, and you are well-skilled for the job.

What Skills Will I Learn in Secretarial Courses?

While studying these courses, there are many skills you will pick up, lots of information you will absorb. All of this helps you to do the job as best as you can. Some of the core skills you will learn will help you to communicate in the workplace. You need these professional skills in order to blend in a corporate environment. 

You will also learn some incredibly useful organisational, structuring and planning skills. They will all help you improve general office efficiency. You also experience some basic accounting and financial skills, like income statements and balance sheets, as well as budgeting. This will be of use if you land a job in an accounting firm.

One of the best parts of being a secretary is the fact that you aren’t tied to any one industry! You can hop around, change from working in a supermarket chain to a restaurant manager’s assistant, to manning the front desk at a law firm. This flexibility is what makes it such a potentially exciting career path. You get to experience other fields of expertise, work with a variety of different people, and get exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking.

Wait no longer, register now with Skills Academy and kickstart your dreams in becoming the best secretary you can be!


Written By: Michael Kritzinger

Last Updated: 27 September 2021