National Diploma Courses

National Diploma Courses

A National Diploma is a qualification that is one level below a degree.  In fact is the highest qualification you can achieve without getting a university degree!  There are many National Diploma courses that you can study, which are accredited by different bodies in South Africa.

At Skills Academy there are two types of diploma you can apply for.  The first is the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) qualifications.  The second is the Nated National Diploma range, which is accredited by QCTO and examined by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

What is the difference between ICB and Nated qualifications?

The biggest difference is what the entry requirement is, and who examines the course.

ICB National Diploma courses

For ICB Diploma courses you do not need a matric to enter the qualification.  For the ICB National Diploma Courses there are different entry requirements for different streams. The lowest is that you need a Grade 10 to enter the Financial Management course.

Some of the other streams have different entry requirements.  Here is the list:

The ICB courses are all examined by the ICB.  They have examination centres right around the country, and you can even apply to write in other countries as well.

You need to do a Portfolio of Evidence as you study the course, which you hand in to the ICB with your exam.

Nated National Diploma courses

The Nated National Diploma courses are made up of 3 National Certificate courses, and one and half years of practical.  The 3 National Certificate exams are written with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

You can ONLY write at your college, or at a fully accredited centre if you are a distance learning student.  Your college will have an agreement with the college, and will assist you with placement.

The Nated programmes can only be entered if you have a Matric.

What National Diploma Courses can I Study?

At Skills Academy, they offer a huge variety of courses over many different industries. This includes courses such as educare, financial management, HR, business management, entrepreneurship, marketing and more.


The ICB courses are all based around understanding the finances of a company. This means that you must be interested in and good at accounting if you enter into an ICB qualification.

There are 5 different streams that you can go into.

  • Business Management is for people who would like to open and run their own companies, or who want to be a manager in someone else’s company. 
  • Office Administration is all about creating order and structure in a busy office environment. This is perfect for people who love working with others, scheduling their tasks and making the general office run efficiently.
  • Public Sector Accounting deals with the government. People who go in this sector help the government run more smoothly, ensuring everything is efficient and above board.
  • Financial Accounting will teach you everything you need to know to manage a company’s finances. Financial statements, balancing the books and income sheets are all part of this job.
  • Entrepreneurship is for the innovators out there. The people with all the ideas and creativity. With entrepreneurship (combined with business management) you will easily be able to open and run your own startup company.

Nated Courses

Nated Courses are similar to ICB courses in that they provide you with a National Diploma when you complete them. The National Accredited Technical Education Diploma (NATED) courses have been designed by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). They consist of theory and practical work.

The Nated courses they have on offer are the following:

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Last Updated: 28 September 2021