Forensic Investigation Courses

Forensic Investigation Courses

Studying forensic investigation courses will help you do some good on the world at large. These courses can teach you a lot of valuable and useful skills. The skills can help you make a positive change and really affect some people.

What Does a Forensic Investigator do?

Forensic investigators are the people we see in shows like CSI and other crime dramas. They are responsible for analyzing a crime scene, collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and trying to figure out what happened. Often times, they apprehend criminals or suspects and turn them over to the police. 

Where a police officer is directly involved in the law, forensic investigators only assist. They do not put away criminals themselves, but rather they provide all the evidence they have collected to the police and court systems. A forensic investigator can often come across a violent crime scene, meaning that this career path is not meant for everyone. 

Anyone who loves bringing justice to those who deserve it, love helping people in need, and do not mind (or can at least handle) violent crime scenes should be perfect for this career. It is all about service to the people, helping others who cannot help themselves and making sure those who deserve justice will recieve it.

What is the Daily Work Like?

A normal day’s work might not always be like they show on TV. They glamorize the entire process and make it all seem quick and effortless. Real forensic investigators can often have a tough time catching a criminal, especially if the evidence is scarce. They must look for the finest of details and slivers of evidence. 

An investigator also works quite closely with the forensic science department. They analyze the evidence in detail and provide reports of their findings. While it may seem like this can happen quickly, it is often a waiting game. The forensic investigator might follow up on another lead while the evidence is being analyzed and recorded. 

You also get offshoots from the forensic investigation field. This area is called corporate investigation and deals with crime and fraud within businesses and companies. This is also a very critical field since the types of crimes in these areas can cause a lot of damage financially, and ruin people’s careers.

Corporate greed and corruption can cause devastating damage to companies, especially money laundering and fraudulent transactions. A forensic investigator would work with their corporate counterparts to combat these crimes. There are always trails to be followed, links between people and evidence thought to be hidden away. Criminals often underestimate what a well-trained investigator is capable of!

Where and how can I Study Forensic Investigation Courses?

You can easily study these types of courses at Skills Academy. They offer a huge variety of different courses and programmes, making sure there is something for everyone. Some of the forensics courses include General investigations Family violence, General investigations Policing,  Corporate Investigations Auditing and Anti-Corruption.

All of these courses are offered via Distance learning, which makes it more streamlined and much easier to include in a busy lifestyle. You have the opportunity to study on your own time and at your own speed. All assignments and study materials will be couriered to you directly, ensuring nothing is lost or missing. Making use of their online resources such as the Student Portal can also be a huge benefit.

Studying a forensic investigation course will allow you to do a lot of good in the world. You can genuinely help people and put away bad people. If you are interested in this line of work, register now at Skills Academy and get started with your studies!


Written By: Michael Kritzinger

Last updated: 4 July 2019