Studying any Educare courses is wonderful for anyone who wants to work with children. It gives you an excellent grounding for working with kids 0 to 6 years of age.

What is Meant by Educare?

Educare prepares you with the skills and knowledge to work with very young children.  You will be able to work with children ages 0 to 4 years of age.

You will be able to run or work at an educare facility.

You will learn how to teach a very young child, and about child health.  You will also learn about communicating with young children, and about education psychology.  

How and Where can I Study Educare?

You can study accredited Educare qualifications at Skills Academy. Skills Academy offers the NATED National Diploma in Educare.  This is accredited by the QCTO, and examined by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

As your certificate is issued the DHET this is the highest level of  qualification  you can study without doing a degree!


Where Will I Study?

Their courses are all offered via Distance Learning. These means you wont attend classes at a campus.

You will study in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you see fit.

Distance learning gives you the unique opportunity to study while you work. It doesn’t matter where you live, you can study anywhere you want to. You set the pace and the intensity of your studies, giving you some much-needed freedom, especially in a busy life schedule.

What Educare Courses can I Study at Skills Academy?

Skills Academy offers a National Diploma in Educare. This qualification lets any potential employers know you are trained and educated and possess the necessary skills to work with children aged 0 to 4.

The Educare Diploma requires that you pass three levels of national certificate and get 18 months of practical experience to be issued with your final diploma.


N4 National Certificate in Educare

First up we have the N4 Educare Certificate. This course teaches you all the basics, forming a good foundation of knowledge. You will learn how to care for children under the age of 5, while also educating them and helping them learn. 

Your subjects will be:

  • N4 Educare Didactics
  • N4 Child Health
  • N4 Day Care Personnel Development
  • N4 Education

N5 National Certificate in Educare

After that, the N5 Educare Certificate is the next level you need complete.

You will expand your knowledge and skills already taught in the N4 course. Additional skills and knowledge you will learn consists of educational psychology and daycare communication. This will help you communicate better with the children, allowing you to better understand their needs and speech.

You will also start to learn elements that will allow you to run a daycare.  These entrepreneurship and business management skills be essential to ensuring the success of your venture.

It will also assist you in speaking with the parents of the children.

Your subjects will be:

  • N5 Educare Didactics
  • N5 Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  • N5 Education Psychology
  • N5 Daycare Communication

N6 National Certificate in Educare

Lastly, the N6 Educare Certificate will round out your studies. You will learn all the advanced skills and theories on childcare, while also refining the existing skills you have built. This course will complete your education in Educare, allowing you to apply for jobs and start building up your practical hours.

Your subjects will be:

  • N6 Educare Didactics
  • N6 Daycare Management
  • N6 Educational Psychology
  • N6 Daycare communication

All three certificates are 12 months in length, as suggested by Skills Academy, although you are able to finish them earlier if you work faster.

Why Should I Study Educare Courses?

If you want to start your own creche this course is ideal for you.  It will also allow you to work with children aged 0 to 4 in someone elses creche, or as a teaching assistant in a classroom.

If you want a career working with very young children this might just be the perfect course for you.

So you can see the importance of this field. The children of today, are the leaders of tomorrow, they are our future. Make sure they reach their full potential by signing up now at Skills Academy. Take that first step towards a better future!

Last Updated: June 06, 2020