Business Management Courses

Business Management courses should be the thing on everyone’s minds. It is one of the best courses to start your education with. These skills will be crucial in your professional career!

What is Business Management all About?

Business Management is one of the most useful fields of study. You will learn everything there is to know about starting, managing and running a business. These skills are essential if you ever want to strike off on your own or start a company with someone else.

But business management skills aren’t solely for your own business. The skills and knowledge you will learn here will be very important for your career. You will learn a lot about how a company operates, how the employees are managed. You will also learn some vital skills in Human Resource Management (HR) that will help you in any future jobs.

Business Management will also help you refine your computer skills and literacy. This is to make sure you are on top of the game when it comes to digital technology in business. You will also learn a lot about business strategies, commerce, legal practice, and team management. 

Why are Business Management Courses Important?

These types of courses are important because they train the next generation of business owners and operators. Skills Academy knows how vital it is to ensure that people are trained in the best way possible. Business management can also serve as a baseline for any industry you might be interested in. You will always need to know how a company works, no matter the field you work in.

You help a company develop goals to prosper, help them plan more effectively. A business manager is a fantastic asset to any business or company. Without them, some of the core functions of a business will slow down or falter. They are the oil in the gears, making sure it all runs as smoothly as possible.

What Will I Learn?

When you study business management, there are a lot of different areas you will focus on. They are split up into a few main categories: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, HR, Communication, and Sales. In accounting, you will learn all about the financial side of a business. How to balance the books, make sure everything is budgeted for, plan ahead for any potential issues.

Entrepreneurship, of course, is all about the business itself. How to successfully form a business plan, start a business, and run it for maximum profit. HR will deal with your staff and employees. How to manage your teams, working with other departments, as well as how to resolve any conflict or issues.

Communication is all about the company’s internal and external voice. Internal deals with how different departments cooperate and work together, while external deals with your suppliers and manufacturers, as well as your public image. Lastly, sales deal with managing and operating effective transactions with your clients as well as your factories.

What Business Management Courses are There?

Skills Academy offers a great Business Management National Diploma. It is split up into three certificates, each building on the work of the previous one. The N4 Business Management certificate lays the groundwork for Business Management as a whole. You will learn all the basics in this 12-month course, ensuring you have the right core concepts.


Next up is the N5 Business Management Certificate which continues the progress you made in the N4 certificate. This programme expands more into public relations and sales management, covering more core concepts of business management in general. The course is also 12 months long and will prepare you for the last certificate.

The N6 Business Management course is the last step towards getting your diploma. You will learn more about Cost and management accounting, while also refining the information and skills you picked up in the previous two courses. It is also 12 months long, but the last part of your studies. 

As with all Skills Academy courses, these programmes are offered via Distance Learning. You get the opportunity to study from home while you work and live a busy life. You also have the power to study at your own pace. This means you can finish these courses in a shorter amount of time if you want to. As long as you put in hard work and dedication, you will succeed. 

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Written By: Michael Kritzinger

Last Updated: 3 July 2019