Matric Farewell Prep Guide 2018

  Likely by now, your thoughts are focused solely on your Mid-Year Exams, but there is another major event in your Matriculant calendar that’s less worrying. That is unless you...


Likely by now, your thoughts are focused solely on your Mid-Year Exams, but there is another major event in your Matriculant calendar that’s less worrying. That is unless you were anything like me and prepared so hard that it felt like a lot of time was wasted spent worrying about it being the best night of your life. No! Your Matric Farewell dance evening should definitely be an occasion to show up and turn up everything to 11. Below is a short checklist of the top few things you need to cross off before the big night.

Quick checklist


From start to finish you want your night to be one to remember and to get it all right it will take some planning on your part.

  1. Once you know the date of your farewell dance, make sure you have asked your partner to the dance well ahead of time and that they also know the date.
  2. You and your partner should get to know each other’s parents well before the dance, so they know who their child is going to the dance with and can have peace of mind.
  3. Next, you and your partner need to get your dress/suit in order. Most try and coordinate their evening wear to be that bit extra. This includes shoes, accessories, and colour scheme.
  4. For that extra touch, it is probably best for the ladies to have their makeup done professionally, especially if you want to have a photoshoot.
  5. If you would like to have an afternoon gathering before the dance takes place, this would make for a great opportunity for friends to gather and have a photoshoot.
  6. Your next item to consider is your transportation. Most arrive at their farewell in a limousine or you can simply rent the vehicle you would like to show up in.
  7. The last item to consider is the after-party. Most have a pre-organised official after-party for the students to go to (which is safer). However, the safest option would be to host one of your own with your friends to come to, especially after a long day of photo shoots and farewells.

Places to go (in and around your city)


For the guys getting ready for the Matric Farewell should be a lot easier than it is for the ladies. A dapper suit for him with a colour coordinated tie or shirt and its gravy. For the ladies, there is a difficult decision to make… custom dress or store-bought? Here are some places to go to.

Cape Town

For the custom dress takers, there is the House of Silk, which is quite pricey, starting @ R 3500 for a custom made dress. Next is Hip Hop which also offers a custom design service with varying prices (depending on the design). For the store-bought option, there is Princess Lola, Bride & Co., Molteno Creations, Bridal Lane, and White Runway. Some of these stores are more expensive than others, so I would suggest doing some additional research, taking your budget into consideration.

For the guys, the choice is to buy a suit or rent one. Since most guys go for the rental option, here are the best places to go to get a suit… Smart Men Suit Hire, Mr. Suit Hire, EuroSuit, and Top Hat Suit Co.
Lastly, you need to secure your carriage for the evening and this depends heavily on what you consider stylish, vintage or flashy. For the more vintage feel, there is Vintage Car Hire; for the supercar fanatics, you can hire a vehicle from Wiggle Car Hire and Status Luxury Vehicles, depending on your budget of course (note: we have only included the highly rated car rental places).


There are a number of great stores that can see to your every need. For those wanting to turn up in something unique, J.J. Schoeman is a great place to go, as they have the facilities to create something to suit your specific needs. Another store which offers this is Divas By Design as well as Simri Bridal Boutique which has an on-site seamstress who can advise you on any custom ideas you may have. For those who want something off-the-shelf but at the same time elegant, look no further than Bride & Co. and no they don’t just do bridal gowns. Other stores include Dresses by Roxanne, Misteeq and for a more budget-friendly option, consider giving Young Designers Emporium a visit.

For the guys, there is The Dress Suit. They have a wide range of tuxedos, tails, formal wear and accessories available for hire.

Finally for the vehicle hire, depending on your budget and what feel of vehicle you and your partner prefer to show up in, there are a number of agencies available. 
Apex Luxury Car Hire has some top brands available from Ferrari to Rolls Royce to Fiat, whichever one you want! Status Luxury Vehicles (which we mentioned for Cape Town), also has a branch in Johannesburg, be sure to look them up as well.

If your city was not included, check these links out:


Some important thing to remember is that the planning should not take the fun out of the night, always communicate clearly with your partner, your parents and your partner’s parents about your matric farewell evening. This way, should something go wrong, one of these teams will be able to provide back up to make this one night to remember.


Last Updated: June 20, 2019

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