Matric Farewell Dresses: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Matric Farewell Dresses: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Date Published: September 14, 2020

Matric dance is the celebration of a lifetime. It’s something that all students look forward to from the day they start highschool. 

Choosing your matric dance dress is the hard part. What should I wear? What’s in fashion now? 

Here are 5 tips for what’s hot and what’s not for your matric farewell 


Luckily for us, colours don’t really go out of fashion. However, for matric dance you should stay away from colors that age you or make you look old fashioned. 

Colours to avoid in our not hot section are: Browns, holographic materials, brighter hues of green and hot pink. These choices will take away from the overall class that comes with matric dance!

Instead opt for something more glamorous. You can never go wrong with a beautiful black gown, gold or even a pastel pink. If you have a deeper complexion, try an olive colour to really compliment your skin. 

A hot choice at the moment is the Strawberry Dress. An A-line pink tuel number delicately detailed with beautiful strawberry prints. Click here for more about this fashionable dress.


These days, matric dance dresses are all about the style. How does it fall? Where does it start? Where does it end? 

Here is our hot or not list on your dress style for matric dance: 

  • A-line gowns: This year A-line dresses are the HOTTEST on the market. Stay a little bit vintage while looking glamorous. It’s hot.
  • Mermaid dresses: Tight upper body and a flowing lower flair? This kind of dress will forever be in fashion. If you’re looking for a stop and stare number, you’ve come to the right place. It’s so hot. 
  • Crop-top matric dance dress: Crop-top matric dance dresses might be slightly dated, but done correctly and you have a vogue number on your hands. Avoid a Taylor Swift two tone this year, it’s been done too much. Go for something original and it’ll be so hot.
  • Sequenced and slinky: Hard pass on the sequence and silky. This year, try and opt for something a bit more modern and glamorous! Unfortunately, it’s not hot.
  • Frilly and floral: Again, try opt for something bit more youthful that’ll really scream GLOW UP! Frilly and floral is a definite part of our not hot list. (Except the strawberry dress…obviously)


Makeup is just as much a part of your matric dance experience as the dress. 


  •  Simple cat eye with a shimmer shadow 
  • Bold lip with lengthy lashes 
  • Glowing skin with a shining eyeshadow 
  • Nude lips and a bold smokey eye
  • Blush

Not hot 

  • Heavy foundation with full contour 
  • Dark eye and dark lip 
  • Matte looks


It’s always hot to have your bag and shoes matching your dress. It can also get NOT HOT very fast. Make sure you use the right colour accessories to fit your style and colour palette. 

Silver, black and gold are usually new neutrals to go for! Make sure that your shoes are statement pieces in the right way. Stay away from slip ons and neon colours.


The hottest thing on our list is confidence. If you know you look good, feel good and love your choices, nothing about them can be not hot. 

Beauty shines from within! As Sophia Loren once said, nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” 

Author: Andrea Frisby