EasyPass- Mathematics Literacy

EasyPass- Mathematics Literacy

Date Published: November 4, 2020

This year, EasyPass is allowing matric students free access to their online resources to do their part to help the academic year of 2020. These resources are interactive and made up of exercises and assessments to test your skills.

Mathematics Literacy is a great alternative to core mathematics. When taken to matric level, you will learn about taxes, data handling and other skills that will do you good in the real world.

With your matric finals on the horizon, it is only right that you start practising these skills.

EasyPass Resources

EasyPass has exercises and assessments for each study area in your mathematics literacy syllabus and can really help you get that distinction. By practising your work every day, you will be ready for your exam in no time. 

Each time you attempt an exercise or assessment, the questions will be randomized so that you can test all of your skills. You do not need to worry about getting the same questions twice.

Subject Matter

These are the following mathematics literacy topics covered by EasyPass: 

  • Data handling 
  • Measurement 
  • Maps, plans and scales
  • Finance 
  • Numbers and calculations

Going the Extra Mile

The trick to passing all your matric exams is in the work you put in. The best way to motivate yourself to work is by knowing that one day soon, it will all be over.

Remember to make a good study schedule so that you are able to review all of your work in time for the exams. Be sure to include study sessions of between 30-60 minutes followed by a 10-minute break. This is the optimum study time to ensure that you retain the information.

Study Tips

Along with EasyPass’ resources, Matric College is offering you the following tips to help you pass your mathematics literacy exams: 

  • Practise makes perfect: Be sure to practise all the exercises and assessments available on the EasyPass platform. This is the best possible way for you to get your head around the theory and application that comes with mathematics literacy. 
  • Ask questions: Asking questions in class is the best way to work through any confusion you may have on a certain subject matter. By asking the questions sooner rather than later, you will be able to move onto the newer sections with a full understanding. 
  • Try a WhatsApp group: Whatsapp groups are a great way for you to get help and advice while on study leave. It is here that you can ask your friends for help and they can ask you.
  • Get another teacher: Try extra lessons with another teacher or find a tutor. Each teacher has their own way of explaining the work. So it might just be worth trying a different teacher who might explain things in a way you better understand. There are also tutor and teachers on youtube.
  • Believe in yourself: Know you can and you are part of the way there. Make sure that you are confident enough to study and write the paper. Without confidence, you might lack motivation and the will to do well.

Here are 10 study tips from Inspire Education to help you prepare for your end year exams.

Author: Andrea Frisby 

Published: November 4, 2020


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