IEB Accounting- Past Papers, Memos and Study Material

IEB Accounting- Past Papers, Memos and Study Material

Accounting is a numerical subject that requires a great deal of focus. The fantastic thing about knowing how to do accounting is that it’s a scarce skill in South Africa. That means that by passing and doing well, you could further your education and be in demand!  

Matric College has put together this cheat sheet to help you pass your IEB Accounting exams.

Past Papers

As with most numerical subjects, the key to success as practise. Using past papers to practise your accounting is a great way to prepare yourself for the exams. It’ll also help you get a better idea of which learning areas you need to work on.

Past papers are also a great way to put your accounting rules into practice. Learning your rules is important but the only way to fully understand them is by practising them in different accounting case-studies and situations. 

Here are the IEB Accounting past papers from 2015-2019.  

Marking Guidelines

Learning how examiners are going to mark your papers is another way to get a good start on a good mark! By knowing what is expected from you in each answer, you’re more likely to get the marks. 

This is also a great way to combat any pre-exam confusion because the marking guidelines will show you what you should be doing! Do the past papers and then review them alongside your marking guidelines. 

Here are the IEB Accounting marking guidelines from 2015-2019

Tips and tricks for passing accounting

Accounting can be tricky before you get the hang of it. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you pass your accounting exam: 

  • Learn the basics: All accounting work builds on the basics. Make sure that you have a good grasp on all the accounting basics to be able to conquore the rest. 
  • Ask for help: Your teachers are there to help you. If there is anythign you don’t understand, ask as soon as you can. This way you can get any confusion sorted and understood before the exam. 
  • Practise is key: I know you hear this a lot but practice is really the only way you can improve your skillset. This is especially true if you’re struggling with accounting. Try doing a little bit everyday or work on 2 past papers a week. That way you’ll really start seeing an improvement in your skills.
  • Do your homework: Homework is there to help you practise what you learnt in class. It also helps to weed out any confusions you may have about the topics so you can fix them before tests and exams. Do your homework and ask questions, that’s how you do well.
  • Participate in class: Class participation is a great way to get good grades. By actively participating, you have to listen and focus on all the work that is being done to successfully engage. This will help you retain information but also understand work well in advance! Again, it’s another chance to ask questions.

Author: Andrea Frisby