Will The Department of Education Deduct and Add 10% to Matric Exam Marks?

Will The Department of Education Deduct and Add 10% to Matric Exam Marks?

Live Discussion, Will the department of education deduct and add 10% to matric exam marks

“Will The Department of Education Deduct and Add 10% to Matric Exam Marks?”

“Will I get my matric results if I received any of the leaked papers?”

Just two of the tough questions from Matric students waiting on their results.

Join us for a discussion around the marking of the exam and what to expect with the matric results of 2020. This is your opportunity to ask all of your burning questions, understand your matric results and know what to expect.

Here Are Some of the Touchpoints of Our Live Stream Tonight:

  • Subject marks can be subject to a 10% addition or deduction by Umalusi. 
  • This will only occur if the average of the subject is very different from previous years.
  • The addition and deduction work as 10% of the value of the mark you received, not 10% overall. For instance, if you got 50%, 10% of 50 is 5. That means 5 per cent will be added to a chosen subject mark. 
  • Watch the live stream to get a deeper understanding of the matric results. 

No, the Department of Education will not deduct or add 10% to the final marks of all your matric subjects. Umalusi will only begin to adjust marks if they are significantly different from past results. 

Here is what you need to know about the possible addition or deduction of 10% for specific subjects.

The Process of Altering Marks

The process of mark altering is something that happens every year. The following steps are taken: 

  • Umalusi will look at all the subjects written. An average will be created of previous marks to have a standard mark. If the new matric marks are significantly different (higher or lower), the marks can then be adjusted. 
  • 67 different subjects were written as part of the matric finals.

Which Subjects Were Chosen?

Out of all 67 subjects, the following 9 were chosen to have their marks increased:

  1. Life Science
  2. Technical maths
  3. Religion studies
  4. Dramatic arts
  5. Civil technology
  6. Electric Technology
  7. Sign language
  8. Sesotho additional language
  9. Consumer Studies

Out of the 67 subjects, marks were decreased for ONLY the following 8 subjects:

  1. Tourism
  2. Agricultural sciences
  3. Agricultural technology
  4. Accounting
  5. Business studies
  6. Ndebele home language
  7. Tshivenda home language
  8. Sepedi home language

How The 10% Increase Works

If Umalusi has decided to increase your marks by 10%, you must keep the following in mind:

  • The addition of 10% does not mean that if you achieved a mark of 40%, it will go up to a mark of 60%.
  • It means that if you achieved a mark of 40%, it can go up to 44%. 
  • This is because you can only add 10% of the value of the mark that you initially received. 
  • For example: If you got a mark of 40%, 10% of the value of that mark is 4%. That means that 4% will then be added to your mark of 40%. Increasing your mark to 44%.

Understanding the Process

If you want to better understand the process of the matric results, join our live stream. Education specialist, Jan Badenhorst, will host a live stream tonight at 18:00 to answer all your questions about the matric results.

Live Stream Summary

Education Specialist, Jan Badenhorst, hosted a live stream to address the above mentioned topics. He broke down the Umalusi statement release and explained it as follows. 

  • Umalusi looks back at the last 5 years of results per subject and bases their mark adjustments accordingly. This is not something new. It happens every year and is not unusual. 
  • Jan emphasised that the addition or deduction is 10% of what you achieved. Getting 30% means that the value of 10% is 3%. That 3% will then either be deducted or added depending on the subject and the overall decision by Umalusi. 
  • Cheating and the leaking of examinations are both criminal acts. You can easily risk getting a criminal record, so rather fail and have more education possibilities. The investigations into the leaks have not stopped. That means that you can still be found guilty. If you were known to have received the papers, they will choose to look into you very closely. 
  • Umalusi can refuse to give you a matric certificate if you were involved in the cheating. They can also cancel a certificate that was issued if you were found to be involved as the investigation continues. If you saw screenshots or got the exam, and you benefitted, your marks will be withheld. 
  • Dealing with the stress of waiting for your results is important. Start by remembering that matric is just not that important. There are other steps to take to build a successful career. Avoid other students  who are panicking at this time, it will only make you stress more. Try to spend time away from social media and to be on your own.

The following questions were asked and answered:

Q: If Umalusi decided to reduce my marks for business studies, is it possible that I go from a pass to a fail?

A: No, they will not push you into a fail. 

Q:Do you think the exam leaks will severely impact the entire class of 2020?

A: No. Neither the DBE or Umalusi believes this leak to be extensive enough to affect the credibility of the 2020 NSC. I work at a college and employ people. I won’t look at a 2020 matric certificate and think not to hire them. These kinds of things happen every year. 100/300 Students out of a million is not a big deal 

Q:Do you think the leaked exams could have made a big difference to the marks if it was only hours before?

A: If you don’t know the maths of physics well enough to pass, seeing the paper 2 hours before the exam isnt going to help you pass. It’s a year’s worth of work. I don’t think it will have given much of an advantage at all. 

Q:What happens when the appeal is lost by a student?

A: I am not 100% sure. But you can be excluded from getting your matric certificate and from writing matric again for 3 years. You will have to rewrite that subject, but the penalty can be as heavy as not allowing you to write for three years. 

Q: Do you think there should have been a matric exam rewrite?

A: It’s a difficult question. This issue was taken to court and it was concluded that students do not need to rewrite. They thought it would be unfair on the students and the leaks were not bad enough to have a rewrite. I tend to agree with this. 

Q: Do you expect these matric marks to be significantly lower than previous years, because of the pandemic?

A: We haven’t seen lots of adjustments. Minor moves to a few subjects doesn’t look like Umalusi pushed up results as a result of COVID. I do think the marks will be lower, matrics have lost a lot of studying time. Privileged students maybe not but the majority of students do not have the basics needed to study online. I’d be surprised if the marks are not lower.

Q: ​If my certificate is being kept back and I don’t appeal, will colleges still accept my application?

A: If you go to a college and they ask for your matric certificate, you will not be able to apply. But there are other courses that you can choose if your certificate is held back. Some you can apply for with a grade 10 or 11 certificate. 

Q: If I am unable to go to university based on my matric marks, what are my other options?

A: My favorite is to look at the ICB programmes that you can start with a grade 10 or 11. You can study one year and get a qualification, another year and another qualification. If you work yourself up to a Diploma level, it is only one step below a degree. The entrance requirements let you in without even needing a matric certificate. NATED programmes are another choice. For career orientated individuals, this is the way to go. Degrees do not necessarily teach you how to cope in the workplace but with NATED, you get the work experience. The individual with a BCOM straight out of university is not as useful in the marketing department as the individual with a NATED diploma in Marketing.

Author: Andrea Frisby 

Published: February 17, 2021


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