Why You Should Start Thinking About Your Grade 10 Subjects Now

Why You Should Start Thinking About Your Grade 10 Subjects Now

Why You Should Start Thinking About Your Grade 10 Subjects Now

Choosing your grade 10 subjects is no easy task. These are the subjects that you will eventually write matric finals on. That is why it is so important to take the selection process seriously. 

What You Need To Know

Here is everything you need to know about subject choices: 

  • Grade 9 students need to be prepared: In a matter of months, grade 9 pupils across the country will be required to choose their grade 10 subjects. Since these are subjects that are going to be taken up until matric, students must understand which subjects suit them. 
  • Building a career: Choosing your grade 10 subjects can often determine your entire career. Specific university courses require certain subjects/marks to be able to apply. That means that the subjects you choose in grade 10 determine what you can study. As well as what career you can go into later on. 
  • The way we learn is bound to change: After the academic disruptions brought about by COVID-19, students were forced to adopt alternative methods of learning. These changes were felt throughout industry, so much so that even the demand for specific skills has changed. 
  • Focusing on industry-based skill sets: These above-mentioned changes caused the shift from academic-based work to more industry-related skills. It has also moved a lot more work to an online or digitalised space. 
  • Choosing subjects for a changing world: According to Natasha Madhav from the Independent Institute of Education, there is a specific thought process to go through when choosing your subjects. Start by choosing subjects that you are good at and interested in. Next, look at future-focused careers that work along with the uncertainty. This way you will be less likely to lose a job. Lastly, choose curriculums that are directed towards a changing world. 
  • The rise of automation: This is something students should be aware of. In the current day, technology can replace many careers. It is important for students to position themselves to more scarce skills. Or, to careers that are less likely to be overtaken by AI. 
  • Student advisors: Student advisors are there to give you advice on your career. Ask them to help you choose suitable subjects and future career options. 

Author: Andrea Frisby 

Published: April 7, 2021


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