Why NATED Courses Are The Best Choice

NATED Courses were created by the DHET to help you get employed. These courses equip you with knowledge and work experience which are essential in workplaces.

If you want to enrol for a course that will easily get you employed, you can study our NATED Courses. There are courses that consist of qualities that all employers are looking for. NATED Courses are the best choices because of the following: 

  • Designed by the DHET
  • Accredited by Professional bodies 
  • Employment friendly

Designed by the DHET

The NATED Courses offered at Matric College are created by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). The DHET is a professional body that is known for the following: 

  • Creating quality standard courses
  • Granting accreditation to valid courses 
  • Setting exams for students in higher levels of education.

The DHET has been in the business of education since 2009. When employers see that you have gained a qualification from a credible source such as them, your chances of getting hired increase.

Accredited by Professional bodies

The NATED Courses we offer are accredited by professional bodies. These are: 

  • The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) 
  • The Quality Council of Trades and Occupations (DHET)

When courses are accredited by professional bodies, it means that the courses are monitored by those bodies. This is done to ensure that the courses remain consistent in providing education that is quality. 

When you study a course that is accredited, you are provided with skills and knowledge that are relevant. This means that you will be able to do the following: 

  • Identify problems 
  • Provide solutions to the problems 
  • Learn work fast 
  • Perform well whether you are alone or in a team 

Having the above qualities and more will help you gain employment. All employers value employees that know how to work hard and help the company grow.

Employment friendly

The NATED Courses are best for you to gain employment easily. These courses are made with components that employers love. These are: 

  • Knowledge 
  • Work experience 

There are four courses that you study in any NATED Programme. These courses are divided into the knowledge and work experience components. There are three Certificates Courses which focus on the knowledge component and one Diploma Course that focuses on the work experience component. 

  • NATED N4 National Certificate – Knowledge component 
  • NATED N5 National Certificate – Knowledge component 
  • NATED N6 National Certificate – Knowledge component 
  • NATED N6 National Diploma – Work experience component 

You must study the three Certificate Courses to gain knowledge. You are also awarded qualifications for each Certificate Course that you complete. If you complete all three courses, you will have three Certificate Qualifications. The more qualifications you have, the higher your chances of getting employed are. 

When you have completed studying the three Certificate Courses, you can complete the last course, which is the Diploma Course. To pass this course, you must find a company where you can work for 18 months. This is the only assessment you must complete to be awarded a NATED N6 National Diploma Qualification.  

When you have gained this qualification, you will be a well-qualified candidate for employers. Work experience is one of the best qualities that employers look for. It shows that you can handle the workload of a company, and you can bring something new to them.

What Are NATED Courses?

NATED (National Accredited Technical Education Diploma) Courses are also known as National N Qualifications. These courses are produced by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). 

NATED Courses were created to help you gain employment. This is made easier for you because NATED Courses consist of knowledge and work experience components. When you complete these courses, you will have the knowledge, 18 months of work experience and qualifications. 

These are the NATED Courses we offer: 

Who Qualifies For NATED Courses?

You qualify to study NATED Courses at Matric College if you meet these requirements:

Can I Do NATED With A Higher Certificate?

Can I Study NATED Courses Without Matric?

No, You can not study NATED Courses without Matric. However, there is a way for you to study these courses if you do not have Matric. Your best option is to first study one of our courses Matric Courses. This will help you gain a Matric Certificate you can use to study NATED Courses. 

These are the Matric Courses you can study: 

Adult Matric Course

The Adult Matric Course is created for adults who do not have Matric. If you are someone age 21 or older, you qualify to study this course. You will study for your Matric and gain knowledge that is essential in furthering your education

Upon completion of the Adult Matric Course, you are awarded a Matric Qualification. Use this to study any NATED Course you want. These are the requirements you must meet to enrol for the Adult Matric Course: 

  • You passed Grade 9 and have proof of your report OR
  • You completed a Grade 9 equivalent course (i.e. an ABET Certificate) that included two official language subjects
  • You are 21 or older when you write your exams

    • You can apply as early as the age of 19 and start studying

  • You can read, write and understand English or Afrikaans 
  • You are able to study via distance learning

Upgrade Matric Course

The Upgrade Matric Course is created for students who have either failed or passed their Matric but would like to improve their marks. You will be awarded a Matric Certificate when you complete this course. You can use this to study a NATED Course. 

These are the requirements you must meet to study the Upgrade Matric Course

The best part about choosing to do a NATED Course through Matric College is that you can do it whether you have Matric or not. This is because we have Matric Courses that help you reach your dream career. We are dedicated to ensuring that you take the courses you love so that you can study happily.

Author: Mulisa Nethononda 
Editor: Sive Ncanywa
Date : July 05 ,  2022