What to do with a diploma pass?

You can further your studies at a college for a Diploma, Higher Certificate or Certificate course if you have a Matric Certificate that is a Diploma Pass.

You can use a Diploma Pass to further your education at a college or university. Please note that only a few universities accept Diploma Passes. You will need to have certain marks to get accepted into the college or university and the course you have applied for. 

The best part of having a Diploma Pass is that you can use it to study at Matric College. You can enrol in any of our courses. These are: 

NATED Courses 

Our NATED Courses are designed by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) to empower students with knowledge and skills that are valued by employers. When you have these qualities that employers value, you raise your chances of getting employed

There are six (6) NATED Courses that you can study. These are: 

ICB Courses 

ICB Courses are created by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) to help students gain business skills and knowledge. The skills you obtained are also known as scarce skills. When you have scarce skills, you have what employers are searching for. You have a better chance of finding employment. 

These are the ICB Courses you can enrol for: 

Short Courses 

The college created Short Courses for students to be empowered with a set of skills that are employment and business-friendly. When you study a Short Course, you gain various skills on how to start and manage a business. You also learn skills that prepare you for work. Some of these skills are: 

  • Good communication skills
  • Research skills 
  • Computer-related skills

 These are the Short Courses you can study: 

Watch Our Principal, Jan Badenhorst, Discuss Your Options After Passing Matric With A Diploma Pass

Can I Upgrade My Diploma To A Degree?

Yes, you can upgrade your Matric Diploma Pass to a Bachelor’s Degree Pass. You can apply for our Upgrade Matric Course. This course is where you will be given different material to help you gain the marks you want. These are the material you canuse: 

You need to obtain the following marks to upgrade your Diploma to a Bachelor’s Degree Pass

  • 40% in your home language subject
  • 50% in four other High Credit subjects
  • 30% in one other subject 

You will receive a new Matric Certificate with the new marks you have received once you have completed the course.

Can I Go To University With A Diploma Pass?

It depends on the university and the course you have applied for. If you have a Diploma Pass, you cannot apply for a Degree Course. You would only have a better chance of being accepted into Diploma, Higher Certificate and Certificate courses. 

Please note that you can only use your Diploma Pass at certain universities. Your acceptance depends on whether you meet the requirements they have set. You have a better chance of studying at university with a Bachelor’s Degree Pass.

Are Diploma Courses Worth It?

Yes, Diploma Courses offered at Matric College are worth it because of the following: 

Is A Diploma A Good Qualification?

Yes, a Diploma Qualification is good because it is valued by employers. This is because it offers skills and knowledge that are good for the workplace. When a candidate has a Diploma Qualification, they have the relevant skills and knowledge to bring change to a company. These are some things they can do: 

  • Generate brilliant ideas 
  • Solves problems 
  • Identify room for growth 

Is A Diploma Better Than A Degree?

Both a Diploma and a Degree Qualification are good qualification to have. You can use both qualifications to find employment. When you have a qualification such as a Diploma or a Degree, you will be able to earn a high salary. Please note that salaries tend to be low at first and increase as you gain more work experience. 

Is A Diploma A Degree?

No, a Diploma is not a Degree. A Diploma is below a Degree Qualification. However, both qualifications can help you gain employment. They are both valued by employers because they offer relevant skills and knowledge to students.

Can I Become A Teacher With A Diploma?

No, you cannot become a Teacher with a Diploma Pass. You need a Bachelor’s Degree Pass to study for a Degree in Teaching. You can study a Degree course in teaching at university. The minimum entry requirement is a Matric Qualification, that is at a Bachelor’s Degree Pass Level

You will be accepted if you meet the minimum requirements set by the university and the course applied for. If you do not meet the minimum requirements, you can study our Upgrade Matric Course. You will be able to improve your marks and increase your chances of getting into university. 

Why Study At Matric College?

You should study at Matric College because: 

  • You can study our courses from anywhere you are 
  • Save transport money and time 
  • Learn at the pace you prefer 
  • Study while employed 
  • Receive the learning material from the college 
  • Get help from our friendly tutors 
  • Obtain skills and knowledge that are employment friendly 
  • Gain accredited qualifications

Author: Mulisa Nethiononda 
Editor: Sive Ncanywa
Date: August 01 , 2022