What is ‘Skill Stacking’?

What is ‘Skill Stacking’? Date Published: January 6, 2021 Skill stacking is the art of mastering a set of skills rather than only focusing your energy into one specific skill. ...

What is ‘Skill Stacking’?

Date Published: January 6, 2021

Skill stacking is the art of mastering a set of skills rather than only focusing your energy into one specific skill.  By perfecting a range of skills that work together, you can branch into other elements within your chosen career field. 

Here is everything you need to know about skill stacking:

  • How Skill Stacking Can Help You 
  • Examples of Skill Stacking 
  • How Skill Stacking Works

How Skill Stacking Can Help You

Skill stacking is a great way for you to become an extremely valuable asset to any company.  The more you do, the more you will be able to achieve.  Here are a few ways that skill stacking can help promote your career:

  • You will be indispensable: By having multiple skills, you will become an indispensable asset for any company.  If it means that you can do marketing, advertising and managing, you are more likely to stand out in the employment crowd than anybody else. 
  • You will become a master multitasker: Since you have learned how to use many different skills at once, you will soon be able to work this into your job title.  Instead of a marketing assistant, you know have the skills to be a marketing manager.  You will also be able to pick up on things that other staff members might not because of your advanced skills. 
  • More confidence: The more you know in your chosen field, the more confident you will get in your job. Soon you will be confident in your role and your workplace, this will be easily noticed by employers.  Not to mention more of an understanding in conversation.  Keep in mind that CEO’s need to know how all elements in their company work, so if you are looking to climb the corporate ladder, this is how to do it.

Examples of Skill Stacking

Here is an example of how skill stacking can help boost your career: 

Makeup Artists:

  • Makeup Skills: As a makeup artist, you will need to know how to apply the makeup onto clients. This is the first skill you will need. 
  • Industry Experience: Since you have worked in the makeup industry, you will start to understand how the industry works and what it looks for.  Not to mention the gaps that you could fill with your skills.  This is also a great way for you to network.
  • Product Knowledge: The more you learn about products, the better your application will become.  
  • Entrepreneurship Skills: Being a makeup artist means making your brand and finding your clients.  This is your business.  By freelancing, you begin to understand how to start, run and grow your makeup business and gain great entrepreneurial skills in the process.  
  • Marketing Skills: As a starting freelance makeup artist, you have to be your marketer and advertiser.  By learning skills in these fields, you will be able to promote your business and find more clients.  You can then market your skill stacks too.  That means your skills, your experience, your product knowledge and your entrepreneurial abilities

Getting the Skills

Matric College offers a whole range of courses that can help you with your skill stacking.  Click here to see all the courses that we have to offer. 

To register or to inquire, give us a call on 012 762 7100 and speak to one of our course experts.

Author: Andrea Frisby 

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