What is ICB Business Management?

Business management deals with everything that influences a company’s success. With the ICB Business Management course programme you will learn everything from managing a business’s finances to the HR management of a company, as well as business management.

What do Business Managers do?ICB

Business managers drive the business to be run at its best and have as much profit as possible. They should have knowledge of all the aspects of a business, such as marketing and public relations, finances, basic legal practice, and how to do research. If a business manager lacks knowledge in one of these fields it can affect a company negatively. That is why it is important for business managers to be trained well otherwise they won’t be the best they can be.

What Business Management Courses are There?

The ICB Business Management course programme consist of three courses. These courses are set out below.

  • National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management
  • Higher Certificate: Office Administration
  • National Diploma: Financial Accounting

What do I Learn in the ICB Business Management Courses?

The ICB Business Management courses cover a lot of topics. Below are all the subjects you will do over the three courses:

  • Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
  • Business Literacy
  • Business Management 1
  • Financial Statements
  • Marketing Management and Public Relations
  • HR Management and Labour Relations
  • Office and Legal Practice
  • Business Management 2
  • Financial Reporting and Regulatory Frameworks
  • Research Theory and Practice
  • Business Management 3
  • Financial Management and Control

As you can see, studying Business Management covers a wide list of topics.

Why Study Through the ICB?

The ICB is an accredited institution for qualified bookkeepers in South Africa. They have been around since 1931 and offer a range of accredited qualifications in bookkeeping, accounting and business management to name a few.

A qualification from the ICB is a very prestigious achievement and could do wonders for your career. ICB graduates are able to apply for membership to various professional bodies which can help expand your network. 

When choosing to study an ICB course, you first have to choose a training provider. The ICB has 200 accredited training providers that are allowed to present their courses. You can choose a provider that either has the option of classroom training or distance learning. To study ICB you have to register with your training provider first. After this you register with the ICB online through their Learner Portal. You will then be sent a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) that has to be completed and handed in when writing your exams.

Business managers hold a very important position in a company. They are the backbone of any company or institution. If this sounds like the position for you, why not register today?