Nowadays, when you hear “Black Friday” we immediately think of hordes of people storming the shops to buy things and ridiculously cheap prices. Black Friday has a much longer history than you might think, however.

The name Black Friday goes back to a Wall street stock market crash in 1869. In the 1950’s the police in Philadelphia used the name for the Friday after Thanksgiving when lots of people would rush to Philadelphia to watch the US Army-Navy football game. On that day the police had to work extra long hours and had to deal with a lot of crime. Soon the shops started to use the name and by the 1960’s, the shops in Philadelphia began to use the name to promote incredible sales on that day. This is where Black Friday as we know it began. It wasn’t until the 1980’s though, before the name and tradition caught on in the rest of America.

Black Friday

The date of Black Friday changes every year because it is held on the day after Thanksgiving which is the last Thursday in November. So for the next few years it will be on the following dates:

  • Black Friday 2018 – 23 November
  • Black Friday 2019 – 29 November
  • Black Friday 2020 – 27 November
  • Black Friday 2021 – 26 November

You can find specials on every product you can imagine. You can buy everything from clothes to electronics and even groceries and cars. Unfortunately, shops generally don’t reveal their Black Friday Specials until Black Friday itself. Luckily, many stores do a week-long “warm up” sale to get people ready. You can also join Facebook groups like this one where people share which places have specials etc.

If you miss Black Friday, don’t fret. You won’t have to wait a year for such great prices again. Black Friday is no longer only one day. Black Friday is followed by Small Business Saturday, Small Business Sunday and Cyber Monday. In South Africa shops don’t generally do anything on Small Business Saturday and Small Business Sunday but there are many places like Takealot that do Cyber Monday so you still have a chance to snap up some amazing deals.

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Last Updated: 20 November, 2018