What is a matric upgrade and how can I get one?

What is a matric upgrade and how can I get one?

A matric upgrade is a chance for you to improve your final matric results. If you have your matric but you want to do better, a matric upgrade is just for you. To get a matric upgrade you have to register for the subjects you want to improve.

Where can you upgrade your matric results?

You can register for a matric upgrade at Matric College

How does matric upgrade work?

A matric upgrade allows you to focus on the subjects you want to improve. This means you do not have to rewrite all of your matric exams. When you upgrade your matric results through Matric College, all your study materials are delivered to you.

You get to study from home and you receive the best online support from our tutors.

Advantages of upgrading your matric results

Better results When you upgrade your matric results, you come out with better results. 
More study options With better matric results, you have access to more study opportunities.
University entrance Depending on your results, you could get accepted into university.
Study towards a Bachelor’s degree If you had initially passed with a higher certificate or a diploma pass, it is possible to get upgraded to a Bachelor’s pass.

Entry requirements

To apply for a matric upgrade you need:

  • Your previous matric results 
  • A certified ID copy
  • Email address 
  • Cell number
  • You have to be 21 years of age when you write the exams – the next exams are May / June next year (2021) 

Where can I find out more about improving my matric results?

The department of Basic Education has created an opportunity for people who have not passed their National Senior Certificate(NSC) to rewrite their matric subjects. 

Can I upgrade my matric results at UNISA?

Yes, you can enrol for the UNISA matric upgrade. You can choose lower level qualifications as bridging courses. It is important that you go through diploma and certificate programmes that are related to the course you want to study.

Can you rewrite matric subjects?

Yes, you can rewrite your matric subjects. 

When can you rewrite matric?

The next matric upgrade or adult matric you can register for, is the May / June 2021 exams. Registration for these exams close on 31 January 2021.

You can register now with Matric College to get your study material, get in touch with tutors and prepare for your exams next year. Some students prefer to split their studies into two or three years. This gives them more time to ensure they perform well.

Matric Rewrite - How, when and where?

There are a few institutions that offer matric rewrites. The best part is that you don’t have to attend classes. You can apply online and get your study materials delivered to you.  Even though you can study at home, you will have to write your exams at a verified exam centre closest to you. 

Get a remark

If you ask for a remark, your paper will be marked for the second time. A matric paper remark costs R105 per paper. If you want to view your paper, you need to apply and pay an additional R205 for each paper you want to view.

Senior Certificate Amended exams

Adults who are 21 years or older may apply to write the exams for the Amended National Senior Certificate. Applicants must have passed Grade 9 or Standard 7 to qualify. (To get accepted into the exam you will have to show your Grade 9 or Standard 7 school report.)


Applicants must have a General Education and Training Certificate(GETC), or a qualification at level 1 on the National Qualifications Framework(NQF).

Marks required to pass the Amended Senior Certificate

Candidates have to meet the following requirements to get a Senior Certificate:

  1. Pass three subjects with 40%, one of the subjects has to be an official language at home language level
  2. Pass two subjects at 30%, one of the subjects has to be an official first additional language or an official home language.
  3. A sub minimum of 20% in the sixth subjects.

Disappointing matric results? Here are your options

If you are not into the idea of upgrading your results. Here are a few other options.

Try an extended degree programme

An extended degree programme is when an institution allows you to study a degree over an extended period of time. Students who choose to study an extended degree programme often do not have to meet the chosen degree requirements.

Reapply for university

If your results could not get you into the university you wanted to get into, that does not mean you can not get into another university. Consider applying for a different university. Universities are different and they have different requirements for different courses. Alternatively, you can look at other courses and other institutions of higher education.

Study without matric

If you want to get into a specific field, but you do not have a matric certificate, it is still possible. There are a variety of courses to choose from. For more on studying without matric, click here.

Improve matric subjects: Here's how

Supplementary exams to improve matric results

Supplementary exams are exams that are written to improve your marks. If you want to get into university and your marks don’t meet the requirements, writing supplementary exams might be very helpful. A supplementary exam is an additional exam considered to be a second chance.

What to do if you don't qualify

Students are no longer restricted to writing only two supplementary exams. You are now allowed to write more exams as there is no limit. 

Matric Second chance programme

The second chance programme is a programme designed by the Department of Basic Education. This programme aims to give support to learners who do not have their matric. 

This programme is not restricted to students who failed matric. Support is also provided to part-time and supplementary learners. The second chance programme gives learners the chance to rewrite their matric exams.

Learners benefit from this programme as they are able to get their grade 12 matric certificate, as well as to meet the NSC and SC requirements. The Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, says giving people another chance to get their matric will improve their quality of life.

Author: Omega Fumba 

Date Published: 13 August 2020