What do grade R teachers do?

What do grade R teachers do?

Date Published: October 17, 2020

Teaching grade R comes with great responsibility. Grade R teachers play an important role in the development of young ones, and to be a part of that, you have to have a desire to educate, inspire and to create some sort of impactful change. 

What does a teacher do?


There is something extremely fulfilling about sharing information to younger children. A teaching should love educating students as that is a big part of what teachers do.

People become teachers for various reasons. Some teach because they have a passion for working with children, other people teach out of a concern for some of the issues facing the education system and because they want to be a part of the solution.

Whatever your reason is, you have to love educating students because a teacher can do nothing, but educate students.


Teachers should have the ability to inspire students to be the best version of themselves. School is a safe place for many children, it might even be a second home for others. Teachers need to have the qualities to inspire them to do well.

Teachers can inspire an uninterested learner to become engaged in their studies, teachers have the ability and skill set to encourage students with low self-esteem to love themselves and to have confidence in themselves.


As a teacher, it is necessary that you have the desire to bring change. Teachers who are passionate about change make it their goal to help improve the quality of education for everyone.

These teachers are willing to work in high needs schools and in impoverished communities, all in the name of education.

12 things successful teachers do

  1. Believe In Your Students’ Potential
  2. Learn Everything You Can About Your Field
  3. Be Fun and Energetic
  4. Take Risks
  5. Be Creative and Think Outside The Box
  6. Be Consistent and Decisive
  7. Always be Up-To-Date
  8. Communicate
  9. Listen and Show Empathy About Personal Issues
  10. Provide Relevant Study Materials
  11. Be Observant
  12. Set Goals With Your Students

Things teachers do everyday that they are not recognized for

Here is a list of responsibilities that teachers do not get recognized for. This list was drafted by teachers from ‘We are teachers’.

  • We create materials and search online for engaging lessons
  • We differentiate lessons and analyze homework
  • We help fellow teachers
  • We read over daily plans and organize all materials before the day begins
  • We respond to lots of parent questions
  • We stress about standardized testing
  • We pick up trash, clean tables, and put away supplies
  • We zip coats, tie shoes, open containers, and help our students
  • We encourage students

Author: Omega Fumba