What Can I Do With A National Diploma In Human Resource Management?

Our Human Resource Management: NATED N6 National Diploma Course provides you with both theoretical and practical experience, making you more employable.

Here is what you can do with a National Diploma in Human Resource Management:

Find Entry-Level Employment

After completing and passing the National Diploma in Human Resource Management, you can find entry-level employment. This means that you can start your career in positions that can teach you the basic principles of Human Resource Management. Here are some of the entry-level positions that you can apply for:

  • Human Resource Clerk 
  • HR Practitioner
  • Human Resources Business Partner
  • Junior HR Consultant

Further Your Studies

You can apply for all of our courses with the following entry requirements:

If you do not have a Matric Certificate you can complete our Matric Upgrade Course

We offer NATED courses as a result of our partnership with Bellview Institute of Distance Learning.

Upgrade Your Matric

We offer a Matric Upgrade course to students who want to improve their Matric marks or who want to go from a Failed Matric Certificate to a Passed Matric Certificate. If you improve your Matric marks and gain entry to a university. 

Here are the entry requirements for the Matric Upgrade Course:

What Is An HR Diploma?

An HR (Human Resource) Diploma is the last qualification in our NATED Human Resource Programme. This is the most extensive qualification because it has both practical and theoretical components. Students have to complete the following theoretical courses to gain entry to the Human Resource Management: NATED N6 National Diploma:

After they have completed these courses, they have to complete the 18 months of work experience to get their N6 National Diploma. Here is an image that explains the process:
NATED N6 National Diploma Log Book

How Many Years Does A Diploma In HR Take?

It can take up to three (3) years to complete a Diploma in HR.  Here is a table that explains how you can complete the course:

Complete the theory first and then the work experienceWork and study at the same time
36 months:18 months:
You will complete the 18 months of theory first and then complete the 18 months of work experience.You will complete the 18 months of work experience alongside the 18 months of theory.

What Are The Jobs Related To Human Resource Management?

Here is a list of jobs that are related to Human Resource Management:

  • Health and Safety Officer
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Recruiters
  • Training Managers

Is HR A Good Career In South Africa?

Yes, HR is a good career in South Africa. Here is why it is a good career in South Africa:

  • It is a scarce skill qualification in South Africa
  • The skills you learn in Human Resource Management, you can use in any other industry. This means that the skills learned are transferable.
  • You learn more about your rights in the workplace
  • You can earn a decent salary because employers are always looking for people who have HR Qualifications

What Does Human Resource Management Do?

Human Resource Managers have many duties and responsibilities that can range from finances to recruitment. Here are some of the many duties a Human Resource Manager has:

  • Any employee services or counselling. This generally includes listening to staff laying grievances or resolving conflict amongst staff.
  • Developing new policies. These policies usually match what the company expect from their staff, but they should also protect staff.
  • Recruiting new employees. Companies usually hire people who share their values and culture.
  • Training new staff. This includes informing new staff about the company’s policies and expectations, as well as how to perform their duties.

What Qualifications Are Needed To Become A Human Resource Manager?

To become a Human Resource Manager, you should complete the following qualifications:

You can complete these courses at Matric College while working. This means that you can work in a Human Resource Management position while completing your Human Resource Qualification.

What Is The APS Score For A Human Resource Course?

At Matric College, you can apply with any APS Score or any Matric Pass Level. We also do not look at the subjects you have completed in High School.

What HR Jobs Pay The Most In South Africa?

Here are the HR jobs that pay the most in South Africa: 

  • Benefits Manager – R 41 800 per month
  • Chief People Officer – R 55 200 per month
  • Compensation Manager – R 41 800 per month 
  • Corporate Director of Human Resources – R 53 400 per month
  • Executive Human Capital Manager – R 51 400 per month

How Much Do HR Practitioners Earn In South Africa?

This is what HR Practitioners earn in South Africa on average per month:

R 22 500 per month
The average salary for an HR Practitioner is R 22 500 per month in South Africa.

What Are The 7 Roles Of Human Resource Management?

Here are the seven (7) roles of Human Resource Management:

  1. Recruitment and Selection
  2. Training and development
  3. Performance Management
  4. Employee Relations
  5. Employment Law and Compliance 
  6. Compensation and Benefits
  7. Administration, Payroll and HR systems

How Can I Become An Human Resource Manager In A Bank?

You can become a Human Resource Manager in a bank if you meet the following requirements:

  • A degree in Human Resource Management
  • A strong Financial background
  • 5-8 years of work experience

Each company has its own hiring criteria and may employ you with the qualifications that you already have. Keep in mind to always research the company before applying.

Does Human Resources (HR) Have A Future?

Yes, Human Resource Management does have a future. Human Resource Management is a scarce skill. This means that you are highly employable and can earn a decent salary. All companies hire Human Resource Managers for the following reasons:

  • To process payroll duties
  • To establish staff policies
  • To train new employees
  • To adhere to labour law

Is A Human Resources Degree Hard?

A Human Resource Degree can be hard if you do not meet the following criteria:

Do you enjoy working with people?Yes
Do you like resolving conflict?Yes
Do you enjoy working with numbers?Yes
Do you enjoy implementing policies?Yes
Are you organised and pay attention to detail?Yes

If you have answered “Yes” to all of the above questions, then you should consider completing a Human Resources Degree Course.

Can A Human Resource Manager Become A CEO?

Yes, a Human Resource Manager can become a CEO. Here is what you need to become a CEO:

  • A Degree in Business or Human Resource Management
  • 5- 8 years of work experience
  • A passion for business
  • Be a confident person
  • Possess leadership skills
  • Are able to work with people

Becoming a CEO depends on the employer you are working for. Despite not having the qualifications, your employer may be impressed by your passion and willingness to learn. This means that you can become the next CEO.

What Is The HR Career Ladder?

Each career has a ladder. The ladder is a system that allows you to move from one position to the next position. The position that follows generally means a higher position that includes more responsibilities and a higher salary.

Human Resources is one of the most diverse industries and students who are pursuing a career in this field can quickly move from one position to another. Here is what the HR career ladder looks like:

Step 1: Become an HR Assistant
Step 2: Become an HR Generalist
Step 3: Become an HR Manager
Step 4: Become an HR Director
Step 5: Become A Chief HR Officer

Author: Jesmé Africa
Editor: Amy Venter
Date Published: April 14, 2022