Wedding Planning Certificate Course

If you are serious about becoming a wedding planner this course will teach you all the in’s and out’s of wedding planning. The Proficiency Wedding Planning Course in partnership with Skills Academy covers all the important information including providing excellent service.


Wedding Planner Certificate Course

Programme Type

Provider Programme

Award Type

Skills Academy Proficiency Certificate In Wedding Planning

Award Issued By

Skills Academy

Accredited By

Not Applicable

Course Duration

8 Months

Entrance Criteria

  • Learners must be able to read and write in English
  1. Introduction to Business English
  2. Face-to-Face Communication
  3. Wedding Planner WP-101
  4. Excellence in Service: Basic
  5. Wedding Planner WP-102
  • Introduction to Business English
    • Introduction to communication
    • Non-verbal communication
    • Business writing
    • Speaking, listening and reading skills
    • Meetings
    • Presentations
    • Work readiness


  1. Face-to-Face Communication


  • Face the Facts:
        • Advantages of face-to-face communication
        • Verbal and non-verbal communication
        • Conquer your fears
        • Factors in personality preferences


  • Practice Your Non-verbals:
        • Be aware of your physical appearance
        • Be aware of your voice
        • More about body language
        • Time to watch the clock


  • Choose Your Words Carefully:
        • Choose your words carefully
        • Phrase your words for a business context


  • Listen Closely:
        • Improve your listening ability
        • Give non-verbal feedback
        • Delay your response
        • Paraphrase and clarify
        • Affirm the speaker’s feelings
        • Suggest options instead of giving orders


  • Communicate Across the Miles:
      • Communicate across the miles
      • Tips to follow from afar
      • Respect cross cultural preferences


  • Wedding Planner WP-101
    • Chapter 1: Make it legal on a budget
    • Chapter 2: Where and how to get married
    • Chapter 3: Service providers to help you


    1. Excellence in Service: Basic


  • Customer Service Fundamentals:
        • Customer service and customers
        • Customer interaction
        • Customer service habits
        • Customer expectations


  • Customer Service Skills:
        • Attitude and attention
        • Quality of service
        • Problem solving


  • Customer Management:
        • Dissatisfied customers
        • Angry customers
        • Upset customers
        • Stress in service situations


  • Customer Communication:
      • Communication fundamentals
      • Interpersonal communication
      • Telephone Skills
      • Email Etiquette


  1. Wedding Planner WP-102


    • Chapter 4: Attention to basics
    • Chapter 5: Attention to the bride
    • Chapter 6: The wedding day

Chapter 7: Happy memories

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Last Updated: January 20, 2020