University Applications for 2021 – affected by late Matric Results?

University Applications for 2021 - affected by late Matric Results?

This year’s matric class will get their results on 23 February 2021. This was announced by the Department of Basic Education (DBE) on the weekend.

The matric exams will be finished by 15 December, and marking of the matric papers will be finished by 22 January 2021. The 2021 school year will start on 25 January 2021 for Teachers, so marking has to be finished before that date. Many teachers will be helping with the marking of the matric papers.

Over a Month Late

This means that matriculants will get their results over a month later than usual. In normal years the matric results are released as early as 5 January.

It is going to be a loooooong wait for the matric class of 2020!

Students need Matric Results to get Final Acceptance at Universities

Universities give students provisional placing based on their Grade 11 marks. Some universities also require your matric terms marks up to your September exam results.

But final acceptance is dependent on your final matric results.

If you have “provisional” or “conditional” acceptance at a university, then you have a good chance to be fully accepted IF your final matric results are the same or better than the Grade 11 results you used to apply.

How do I know I have Final Acceptance at a University?

The only way you can be sure that you have final acceptance, is if the University sends you a Final Acceptance Confirmation Letter.

University Starting Dates Delayed?

The normal starting dates of universities are in late January and early February. So with the final matric results only coming out on 23 February, it looks like at least for some university programmes, they will have to start at least a month late.

Alternatively universities will have to give students final acceptance without having their final matric results. Something that is probably not likely to happen.

At Stellenbosch University the 2020 academic year started on 3 February for students.

At the University of Johannesburg the 2020 academic year also started on 3 February.

At UCT (the University of Cape Town) the academic year started on 10 February this year.


Application Dates

The different Universities each have their own application opening and closing dates.

For some programmes the application closing dates are as early in the year as the end of May. For other programmes the application closing date can be as late as the end of September.

Right now there is still time to apply. So get the application closing dates of the University where you want to study and get your applications in!

APS Score

APS stands for Admission Point Score. Each university has its own way to calculate your APS. It depends on your subjects and your marks.

The APS score is then used to determine if you can apply for a specific degree or programme at that specific university. So calculating your APS score is very important before you apply to a university.

See how to check your APS score here

Author: Jan Badenhorst, CEO, Matric College
Date Published: 3 August 2020