TWP Academy ICB courses are all fully accredited in South Africa, and many of them can be studied even if you do not have a matric.  These are fully supported, with a high contact model for students who want to pass and start their awesome career in business.


TWP Academy ICB Courses


TWP Academy offers a range of business courses that are accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB).  The ICB has been given a mandate by the QCTO to accredit private colleges like TWP Academy if they offer a high quality service and have everything in place to ensure an excellent learning experience.

TWP Academy ICB Courses

Want to know what you ICB courses you can study? Here is your list of ICB Courses offered by TWP Academy:

TWP Academy also offers short courses which are not accredited but still of the highest quality. Here is a full list of TWP Academy courses.

ICB Office Admin courses


Want to get great all round skills so that you can be employed in any private, non-profit or government organisation?  The TWP Academy ICB Office Admin programme may be perfect for you.

You need a matric to study this programme.

The ICB Office Admin programme has the following qualifications you can sign up for:


ICB Business Management courses


If you want to manage a business and its finances then a qualification in business management is right for you.

You only need a grade 11 to start this programme, and you get your first qualification after only 3 subjects!  That means you can easily get the first qualification in 9 months if you apply yourself to your studies.

There are the following qualifications that you can study in business management with the ICB:



ICB Financial Accounting courses


Bookkeeping and accounting are both scarce skills, which means you will be able to find a job with these skills more easily than many other careers.  You will be able to work in any industry, and you will always be in high demand!

You only need a grade 10 to start these qualifications.

Here are the qualifications you can study in the ICB financial accounting programme:



ICB Courses at UNISA


You used to be able to study ICB courses at UNISA.  However, you no longer can.  If you want to study ICB qualifications you need to find another institution, like TWP Academy, to register with.

At TWP Academy we have been working with UNISA students since 2008, so we are highly skilled at supported home study students.  Join us and we will help you until you pass.


ICB Courses Distance Learning


All our ICB courses at TWP Academy are offered through distance learning.  That means that we courier you your books, and you send back your assignments to us for marking.

We will support you in your studies on the phone, email and in your dedicated TWP Academy study groups.  We have full time lecturers employed in house so we will be in touch every day.

Remember that you write your exams with the ICB as this is an accredited course.  That means that you also have to register with ICB as well as us, and book your exam on the ICB learner portal.


ICB Registration on the ICB Learner Portal


Registration with ICB is not difficult.  Once you sign up with TWP Academy you will need to register as a new user on the ICB learner portal.  Remember that you can’t book your first exam until you have paid your annual membership fee.

First you register on the ICB learner portal, and then you choose what course you are going to study.  You will have chosen this with the help of our course experts, so this part will be easy to do.

You then choose your college (TWP Academy) from the drop-down list in the portal.

You can learn more about using the portal in this step-by-step guide to the ICB Learner Portal.

Then you are done!  You will get a confirmation notification from the system.


ICB exams


Now you are ready to book your first exam.  You will need to pay your annual membership fee first, and you can pay both your exam fee and membership fee if you use the ICB learner portal.

You will be sent your ICB Portfolio of Evidence within 2 to 3 weeks of registration for the exam.


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Last Updated: March 25, 2019