TWP Academy is a fully accredited private college that offers a range of accredited courses for home study students. At this college they will help you find the right course for you to achieve your career goals… and they will help you study, until you pass.

This is the college that will hold your hand, every step of the way, until you successfully complete your chosen course.


Courses you can study with TWP Academy


The ICB offers valuable courses in many different streams of business via distance learning institutions.

TWP academy offers a range of fully accredited ICB courses in Accounting, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Office Administration and Public Sector Accounting.  Each of these is fully accredited, with certificates issued by FASSET SETA.  This means that any future employer will recognise them as being of the highest standard.

Each of the streams mentioned below offer a number of qualifications so that you can choose what level is correct for you.  You can start to study if you only have a grade 10, and this can give you access right through to a diploma qualification.

TWP Academy also offers courses in Occupational Health and Safety which can even be studied without a matric certificate

List of courses you can study


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ICB Financial Accounting Courses

The college has a range of bookkeeping and accounting courses that you can study.  You only need a grade 10 to start these courses.  Each course gives you access to the next level, so this can take you right through the Diploma level.

The financial accounting courses you can study are:



TWP Academy

ICB Business Management Courses


The TWP Academy Business Management courses are all fully accredited and of the highest quality.  You need to hold a grade 11 or equivalent and be at least 16 years old to qualify for these Business Management courses.

The business management courses you can study are:



ICB Office Administration Courses


The ICB Office Admin courses qualify you as a highly employable all rounder that can fit into an office in any industry.  You will be taught a range of highly sought after skills to start a great career in office administration.

The office admin courses you can study are:



ICB Entrepreneurship Courses


The ICB Entrepreneurship courses are for anyone that wants to start and grow their own company, or perhaps wants to work in finance in a start up.  You will be introduced to a range of skills needed to build a successful business.

The entrepreneurship courses you can study are:



ICB Public Sector Accounting courses


If you want to help be the change in our government finance departments you should start with the ICB Public Sector Accounting courses. They will teach you how to be an indispensable member of any government finance team.

The public sector courses you can study are:



Short Courses


TWP Academy also offers short skills programs. Short courses cannot be accredited in South Africa so these courses are not accredited.  However, they remain on the usual high standard you can expect from TWP Academy:


Occupational Health and Safety Courses


College Accreditation


In South Africa students want to be sure that the college they study with is properly registered and accredited.  TWP Academy has been accredited by the Instituted of Chartered Bookkeepers (ICB) as Quality Assurance Partner of QCTO SETA and FASSET SETA.

That means that the college application and the campus itself has been inspected and it has been found that they are able to offer the highest standard of education to students who want to study ICB Qualifications.  Follow this link if you want to read more about TWP Academy accreditation.


Join TWP Academy today


If you want a great start to career join TWP Academy today.  You can call them on our toll free number:  0800 39 00 27.

You can also read more about Office Administration on Skills Academy’s ICB Office Administration page.

Last updated: March 29, 2019