Together We Pass UNISA exam packs

We recently heard that about the Together We Pass UNISA exam packs.  For the first time Together We Pass is selling these as a separate product outside of the study groups that they offer UNISA students.


Together We Pass Study Groups

We have written about Together We Pass study groups previously, as we think they are a very real way for UNISA, matric and ICB students to get help with their studies.

In your UNISA study groups you get a tutor to manage the group and answer your questions, you get help with your UNISA assignments, and you also get a set of study notes and an exam pack

prepared by the tutor. Together We Pass UNISA exam packs

This format has been helping students pass UNISA since 2008.


Together We Pass UNISA Exam Packs

Now for the first time students are able to buy the exam packs as a separate item in their online shop.

For most of the subjects this means answers to past papers.  However, for some subjects the university does not give out past papers, and then the lecturers prepare a scope of what must be covered, and possibly questions that cover these topics.

Some subjects do not have an exam – so these also do not have a traditional exam packs


What is included in the UNISA Exam Packs?

The UNISA exam packs usually include answers to past papers.  There should be at least two past papers, and they cover the most recent exams that the lecturer has.

The tutors will ask students to share the past papers given them by UNISA so that the exam packs can be up to date and cover the most recent exams taken by past students.

However, sometimes students are slow to do so, and then the lecturers add whatever the most recent papers are that they have.


Why are exam packs so popular?

The exam packs have proven to be one of the most popular elements that Together We Pass offers.

But why is that?

Once again it is down to the fact the UNISA students are very much left to their own devices when they study.  They are given past papers so that they can practice, but when no answers are provided then the student cannot check how they would have done under exam settings.

As we come up to exam times in mid October students will get more and more anxious to get their hands on one of the Together We Pass UNISA exam packs!


Together We Pass UNISA exam packs


How much do UNISA exam packs cost?

Together We Pass currently charges R200 per exam pack if you buy it outside the study group.

Remember it is included if you join a study group, so do check the price of the full study group before buying in case you also want the study notes and lecturer help.

Together We Pass UNISA exam packs

Where do I find my UNISA exam packs?


All you have to do is go to the Together We Pass shop and type your subject code into the search bar right at the top of the page.

When you hit enter all the products available for that subject will show on the page.  If you cant see a result remember to scroll down.

If you are not comfortable using the online shop then just email the office on [email protected] and the friendly staff can help you with the entire process.


What can I do if I Missed a UNISA exam?


Life happens!  We get sick. Work suddenly has an emergency that coincides with an exam.  Or someone in your family passes away.  All of these are very valid reasons for missing a UNISA exam.  However, there is no need to despair.  You can always apply for a UNISA special or Aegrotat exam.


These special exams are offered by UNISA over and above the usual sitting in the May/June and Oct/Nov exam cycle.  So make sure you understand the rules of how to apply for a special exam when you miss your exam!




Last updated:  September 8, 2018

Published: May 5, 2021


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