The Value of an Extra Year of Studying

The Value of an Extra Year of Studying

Date published: August 24, 2020

With unemployment as high as it is in South Africa, an extra year of studying can change your life. Those individuals who are most likely to find a job will have a higher level of education.

Students who finish their matric certificate can already expect to earn double than those who have not.

Earning expectations

Earning is drastically based on your levels of education. 

Have a look at this infographic by Matric College that shows your expected salary based on your education. 

With adding one more year of study after matric, your chances of unemployment are 6.8%.
By finishing matric and getting a diploma, your earning expectation can more than double.

The tough statistics

These thoughts are not easy to process. With around 50% of children who start school not finishing matric, the rate of unemployment remains high. Simply without completing grade 12, one can’t expect to earn more than R2660.Without holding that matric certificate, your chances of unemployment are at 55.9% 

Of all students who start grade 12, only 5% will go on to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree 3 years after their matriculation. Sadly for many, it is that degree that allows for a liveable wage. As well as a near guarantee of employment.


Due to COVID-19, nearly 30% of the country is facing unemployment. This marks a record high for Bloomburg since their first records in 2008. 

Chances of unemployment are higher amongst those who have lower levels of education. Even with a matric certificate, the chances of employment are at only 34.7%

This is why studying, even just for an extra year, sets you apart. It also means you are more likely to find employment. 

You still have a chance

Thanks to reputable institutions like Matric College, students who have finished grade 9 can apply to complete their matric certificate after the age of 21

You don’t only have one chance to double your earning potential. Wherever you are ready, you can strive to complete your matric.

Can I still study without matric?

There are various institutions that can help you study without a matric certificate. This gives individuals the chance to better their earning expectations without a matric. Here is a list of more institutions to look at. 

By studying towards further qualifications, you might be able to move into another earning bracket. 

Ember Academy

A long-distance learning institution, Ember Academy offers courses for students who haven’t completed grade 12. 

These courses, especially in scarce-skills, can definitely help you find employment.

Matric College

Not only does Matric College offer the opportunity to finish your matric certificate but it also offers courses that don’t require matic. 

Click here to see what Matric College has to offer.

The Skills Academy

The Skills Academy offers courses that don’t need matric whilst also offering distance learning. 

Find the courses here.

Tips when furthering your studies

  • Do your research: Before furthering your education, research the institution. Make sure they have a good reputation. 
    • Google the institution and have a look at any comments that people have posted. 
    • Visit Hello Peter to see if this institution has a good reputation. 
  • Have the right subjects: Certain courses will require specific subject choices at school. Make sure you choose the right subjects for the course you want to pursue after school. 
  •  Build your career: Success after school is up to you. If you work hard enough, you may be able to see some serious progression. Have a look at this article for important pointers about building you opportunities. 

This article is an updated version of one published on the 7th of February 2017. See the original article here.

Author: Jan Badenhorst, CEO, Matric College