Teacher Navigation Packs

Teacher Navigation Packs

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, South African teachers have been struggling to keep up with the curriculum. 

Luckily, the Pearson Institute has created revised Annual Teaching Plans Survival guides for any teachers who are struggling to manage their recovery curriculums and move on with the academic year.

What Are The Teacher Navigation Packs?

The Pearson Institute has created Teacher Navigation Packs to help teachers manage the new Annual Teaching Plans that were released by the Department of Basic Education. 

The Department of Basic Education released these teaching plans in an effort to counteract the negative impact that COVID-19 had on the academic curriculum.

This effort has also been put in place to deal with reduced teaching time and learning losses that were caused by various nationwide lockdowns. 

The Pearson Institute’s free navigation pack includes the following to help teachers with the ATP’s: 

  • A document containing and highlighting all necessary curriculum changes.
  • Examples of formal assessments, each of which are based on the amended curriculum found in Section 4 of the ATP’s. 
  • Worksheets that have a main focus on the impacted topics within the curriculum. 

What Subjects Are Covered?

For now, the Teacher Navigation Packs cover Senior Phase and FET subjects. These include:

Senior Phase


Social Science

FET Phase


Mathematical Literacy

Business Studies

Physical Science

The Pearson Institute will be updating these regularly by adding other subjects and grades to the mix. For more information visit this page

Author: Andrea Frisby