Receptionist Courses

Receptionist Courses

If you aren’t studying receptionist courses, you are missing out! These programmes are excellent and can teach you some incredibly useful skills and knowledge. Take a look below at everything you need to know.

What Does a Receptionist do?

When you walk into an office or building for the first time, chances are the first person you will see is the receptionist. They are the “face” of the company, greeting any guests and clients when they arrive at the office. They then direct these guests to where they need to go or call the people to the front that need to speak with them. But apart from being the face of the company, as a receptionist, you have so many more responsibilities. The phones are the first part, where you try to help anyone calling as best you can. Otherwise, they are connected with the right person to help them. Scheduling appointments and managing people’s schedules can also form part of the job. Another large section of a receptionist’s daily duties is paperwork. This can be anything from organising and filing paperwork, to making copies and forwarding them, to emailing and faxing. A receptionist has quite a lot on their plates on a daily basis. They help the office in general run more smoothly, since, without them, everything would be pretty chaotic.

Why Should I Study Receptionist Courses?

Now you may be aware that a receptionist technically does not need to be formally educated to work. But do not let that stop you from applying for one of the many receptionist programmes at Skills Academy. Potential employers will be much more likely to offer you a job if they know you have some education and training in the field. As long as you have the training, you don’t need experience. A receptionist continues to learn new things and tasks on a daily basis. You keep learning, growing, and improving. Having a formal education also gives you the opportunity to earn a better salary, as well as recieve a promotion. People with a greater knowledge of their field are much more likely to move up through the ranks. Studying a course will also equip you with some incredibly useful and handy skills. It will help you build the confidence to work with people and communicate effectively.

What Receptionist Courses can I Study?

Skills Academy has a number of receptionist courses on offer. They range in length and industry. Depending on your own personal needs, one of these courses might be more suited than others.  First up, there is a short course in Receptionist that lasts 6 months. This course covers all the basics and teaches you some core skills and knowledge. You will build the foundation of your receptionist career with this course.  There is also a short course in Medical Office Receptionist which covers similar topics but focuses more on the medical field. You will learn how to deal with patients and record information. You can also study a Proficiency Certificate in Receptionist to really learn some more advanced skills and knowledge. This will expand on the short courses considerably, adding some more computer skills, telephone skills, time management skills, and organisational skills.  You can also study the Medical Office Receptionist Certificate to further enhance the skills you learn in the short course. You refine the skills you have built up while adding some new ones as well.  Lastly, there is the Comprehensive Certificate in Medical Office Receptionist. This fully rounds out your understanding of the field, while expanding more into the medical side of things. You will learn some more basics on health and diseases, and how to treat sick patients.   As you can see, there are quite a few different courses and programmes you can pursue. It all depends on you and what you want to achieve. So, wait no longer, register now and start your studies today!   Written By: Michael Kritzinger Last Updated: 5 July 2019