Office Administration Courses

Office Administration Courses

If you want to be in control of your working environment, studying office administration courses will get you there! This field allows you to really manage and structure your office space, while also helping others at the same time. Keep reading below for all the basics of what an OA is!

What Does an Office Administrator do?

Generally speaking, an office administrator is responsible for keeping the office ordered and structured. They make sure everything runs smoothly and evenly, streamlining everyone’s schedules and workflows as needed. They manage and coordinate office activities and supervise administrative staff and divide responsibilities.

The OA is also in charge of travel arrangements and appointments, as well as communication via phone calls and email. An office administrator also supports budgeting and bookkeeping procedures. Creating and updating accurate staff records and databases can also fall in the OA’s hands. Tracking stock of office supplies and placing orders to keep it refilled is also part of their basic duties.


What Office Administration Courses are There?

Skills Academy is a great distance learning college where you can study Office Administration courses. They offer a full diploma in Office Administration, as well as a national certificate and a higher certificate. Their programmes are all ICB courses, which means they are accredited and approved by the educational bodies. Any potential employers will recognize these qualifications.

The National Certificate in Office Administration is the first step towards getting your full diploma. It is about 24 months in length and covers a range of topics and skills. This course will teach you all the basics, as well as some advanced concepts and skills, allowing you to immediately apply for a job in the industry. You will learn business etiquette and literacy, as well as some basic bookkeeping skills. Marketing management and public relations also form part of this programme.

Next up they have the Higher Certificate in Office Administration. This course includes the work from the national certificate and is 28 months in length. It expands on the material covered in that course, as well as adding some more topics. These include an advanced course in business and office administration, as well as HR management and labour relations, and economics.

To finish it all up, they have the ICB Diploma in Office Administration. This is your last step towards getting your full qualification. It lasts for 36 months, but as with all the courses at Skills, you can finish this in a shorter amount of time if you work hard. It fully rounds out your knowledge on OA, while delving into some more advanced topics like financial statements and management. 

After you complete this programme, you will have the full diploma qualification. It will allow you to apply for any starter office admin job. Your employers will have faith in the skills and knowledge you have picked up in this course.


Can I Combine This Course With Other Courses?

The great part about the ICB courses is that you can easily add them together. Many of the courses have similar subjects and course material, allowing you to broaden your skills and gain new qualifications at the same time. The other 4 ICB courses that Skills academy offers, are Financial Accounting, Public Sector Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and Business Management.

If you add Financial Accounting to this course, you can easily find a job as an accounting administrator or an accounts manager. You can also find a similar job in the government-level if you do Public Sector Accounting

Instead, if you are more business-minded or even looking to open your own company, then you can study Business Management or Entrepreneurship. These courses will equip you with the best skills and knowledge you need to start a successful business! You can even start it with a  partner, or work for someone to help manage their existing company.


The world of office administration is quite versatile. You will have no regrets studying this field of expertise, and your working environment will always be controllable by you! Register now and get started on your studies.


Written By: Michael Kritzinger

Last Updated: 28 September 2021