Marketing Management Courses

Marketing Management Courses

A great way to secure a bright future is by studying marketing management courses. This is such an interesting and diverse field, certainly not a boring career path!

Why Should I Consider Marketing Management Courses?

Marketing managers have extremely important roles in any business. But there are many other reasons to want to pursue this career. At its core, anyone in marketing automatically gets to work with other people. 

This can be a great thing for those of us who are more extroverted. Seeing other viewpoints and perspectives are an awesome way to get to know people. And as a marketing manager, the better you know people, the better you can strategize and market for them! Working with people in such a way can be very fulfilling. 

Another great part of being a marketing manager is that you are a manager! You lead a team of people towards set goals and objectives. This guidance can often help bring out the best in others, and this is a satisfaction few people get to experience. You will get to design and run programmes to help the company meet core objectives.

Learning what makes people tick also gives you better insight into dealing with people in general. This can help you a lot in life, because you will be better at things like conflict resolution, comforting someone or helping someone smile. Your actions have direct effects on the people surrounding you. With the right mindset and positive attitude, you can make a big difference in their lives.

Where can I Study These Courses?

Skills Academy has many different courses and programmes on offer, with Marketing Management being only one of them. All of their courses are provided via distance learning and you can work at your own pace. No more waiting for others to catch up, or feeling bad about falling behind. No more sitting in traffic and missing class!

The National Diploma in Marketing Management that Skills offer is split up into three separate certificates. They range from NQF Level 4 to 6, and after completing the last certificate, you must complete 18 months of practical work to obtain your qualification. 

The first certificate is the N4 Marketing Management course. While it is only the first step in the diploma, it is still a critically important course. It lays the groundwork for this diploma, the foundation of skill and knowledge you need to complete the other two courses. You will learn the basics, create a general understanding of the field, and build up some useful marketing skills. 

Next in line is the N5 Marketing Management certificate. This course builds on the skills and knowledge you have picked up in the N4 course, while also expanding your abilities. You will learn much more detail, new skills and ideas, as well as refining your current abilities. You will also learn a lot more about sales management and everything that goes with it. 

Last up, the N6 Marketing Management National Certificate will complete your studies. This programme goes into even more detail and depth, making sure you have a total understanding of the field and its responsibilities. Some other skills you will pick up, include marketing communication and marketing research.

After completing all three certificates and finishing up your practical work, you will be officially awarded a National Diploma qualification.

What Kind of Jobs can I get?

The types of careers in this field are quite varied and different. There is a lot of room for change and growth, as well as some pretty lucrative salaries. Jobs like E-commerce marketing manager and Digital marketing manager are only some examples. Another few include External marketing representative, Channel marketing manager, and Development sales and marketing.

This career path can be very interesting and fulfilling, especially as you spend a few years in the industry. This means studying marketing management courses are a fantastic field of expertise. You will not regret making this choice! Register now with Skills Academy and start your journey.


Written By: Michael Kritzinger

Last Updated: 4 July 2019