ICB Courses

ICB Courses

ICB courses are not only fully accredited by the QCTO, but you get your certificate from FASSET.  Even better is the fact that you do not need a matric certificate to enter this qualification! This means that they Institute of Certified Bookkeeper (ICB) courses are ideal for students who failed or never wrote matric.  A great way to start your career, even if you did not finish your schooling.

What is the ICB?

Put simply, the ICB is an independent external examination body, whose qualifications are approved and accredited by the QCTO. The qualifications are registered and qualified with the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). This means their courses and programmes are recognised by other educational institutions, and employers. 

It is possible to study directly with the ICB, which means you get no teaching or classes.  You buy your own books, and write the exams when you are ready.  This means you are only registered with the ICB, and are not a registered with any college.  This is a very difficult route, as you have no one to turn to when you are stuck, no one to give you feedback on your assignments, or keep you on track with your studies. 

So why study with a college Skills Academy?  The difference is vast!  You get all your study materials couriered to your door, and you have a dedicated team of qualified staff to help you every step of the way. You can call your tutor at any time during working hours for help, and there are WhatsApp groups and online study groups to assist you.

Not only that, but you get a call from the college at least once a month to keep you motivated and on track. You are never alone if you study with Skills Academy!

Why Should I Study ICB Courses?

Like we mentioned above, ICB programmes are registered and accredited. Employers will recognise your skill and knowledge and they will be much more inclined to provide you with a job. The ICB programmes are fully fleshed out, covering everything you need to know to make a success out of your chosen field of study. 

Their courses are also provided via Distance Learning, through Skills Academy. This makes it a lot easier to study and educate yourself while you also have a busy life. You can even work while you are studying, this flexibility is what makes it so awesome.

Why Should I Study ICB with Skills Academy?

Skills Academy has been helping students pass their ICB qualifications for more than a decade!  We are the distance learning experts, and have the most comprehensive and supportive services in the distance learning industry.  If you want to pass, come to us!

Whats so special about Skills Academy?  Here are a few reasons to study with us:

  1. We offer Distance Learning, so you can study and work at the same time
  2. All your books are included, and are couriered to your door
  3. You get a credit card style student card from Skills Academy, with your photo
  4. We have qualified lecturers that you can contact any time in business hours (no waiting for appointments)
  5. We will call you at least once a month to make sure you are up to date with your studies
  6. You can Take a Break (and payment holiday) if you need to!
  7. Once you finish you stop paying (up to 50% discount for students who study fast!)

If you want a Premier experience without a hefty price tag then Skills Academy will be your college of  choice!

What ICB Courses are There?

The ICB provides a good variety of courses that cover some well-respected fields of expertise. The ICB Courses that Skills Academy offers are all distance learning based, and you do not need matric to start studying them. 

All you need is Grade 10 and to be proficient enough in English. If you struggle with English then you are also able to acquire some additional help to guide you and assist your studies. They offer 5 courses in total. They are each able to stand on their own, although you can study multiple programmes to broaden your skills and knowledge.

Here is a quick list of the qualifications, and entry requirements:

Business Management

ICB Business Management is a great course for anyone interested in, or looking to enter the business world. You will learn a lot of useful skills and information in this course, guaranteed to help you with the rest of your career. You will learn things like office and legal practice, computer literacy, human resource (HR) management, and general business strategy. You can even combine this course with Entrepreneurship if you want to open your own business.

Office Administration

When it comes to the office, everyone knows it can be intense and chaotic. If you study a course like ICB Office Administration, not only will you be a huge benefit to the office as a whole, but also to your individual colleagues and teams. In office admin, you are responsible for organising, scheduling and taking care of many daily duties. Without you, the office will easily descend into chaos. The office administrator helps to keep the balance and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Financial Accounting

Accounting is one of the most satisfying fields of study since with this behind your belt, you are able to manage the finances of any business, even your own.Financial accounting teaches you how to manage and keep track of a company’s finances and statements. You also learn how to compile financial reports and balance sheets, advise management on how to save money and work more efficiently and so much more. 

Public Sector Accounting

Public Sector Accounting is the perfect job for anyone who loves working with finances and accounting, and they also would like to work for the government. A public sector accountant helps ensure the government runs smoothly and efficiently. They also review financial documentation for the government and taxpayers. Lastly, they make sure everything is above board and legal.


Last but certainly not least, Entrepreneurship is the swiss army knife. The many skills and abilities this course can teach you, along with all the knowledge you will pick up, will allow you to make a success of any business venture. You can start your own company, work with someone else, create a startup that can grow massive, or even help other business owners run their business more efficiently. Entrepreneurs have the flexibility to choose the sector and industry they want to work in.

Get Started With Your ICB Course Today!

So as you can imagine, studying an ICB course is a fantastic way to start your career. These skills are very useful no matter your industry or trade, making them excellent for everyone. Head on over to Skills Academy and register now to start your studies!

Last Updated: June 4, 2020