Creative Courses

Creative Courses

Are you looking at creative courses and wondering if they are the right choice? Think of it this way: a creative course will help you to express your inner thoughts and ideas, and share them with the world! Stay tuned for all you need to know about this interesting sector.

Why Should we Study Creative Courses?

Creativity, imagination, innovation. There are many words for it, but they all have the same meaning: a way to give form to our ideas. The very nature of creativity is thinking of something fantastic, but more importantly, something that no one else has thought of. This is the importance of creativity, by extension, creative courses and programmes

The goal is to give release to something unique and wonderful in our thoughts. This can be anything from a new product, a new service, a new way of doing something. Innovation is all about seeing a need, a “hole in the market” so to speak, and fulfilling that need.

Thus, studying creative courses gives us the ability to express these imaginations and desires. It gives us the tools and the skills to put our thoughts on paper. Creative courses allow us to visualize and create meaning and direction from the chaos. Think of it as catching fish: you need a net (creative courses, tools) to be able to catch the fish (ideas, innovations).

What are the Creative Courses I can Study?

Creative courses are common. That is one of the benefits of studying in this direction. Most colleges and institutions will have a few options to choose from. This is no different at Skills Academy. They have 3 main creative courses on offer, each covering a unique career path. All three of these courses are offered via distance learning, which makes it easy to study while you work.

Event Management

The first programme they have on offer is Event Management. This is a fantastic direction to study, especially if you love working with people. This industry is extremely busy, which means you will never have too much trouble finding a job. You will learn all the basics, as well as the more advanced aspects of managing events and functions. 

There are certain rules and regulations you must know, and lucky for you this is all covered in the programme. Some of the topics that are covered include first aid concepts, customer satisfaction, events management basics and advanced, and office management. This will ensure you are fully versed in the ins and outs of events planning and management.

Wedding Planner

Another fantastic course they offer is the Wedding Planner programme. This course is for those who love event management but like a more specialized approach. It focusses solely on weddings and the ceremonies involved. Wedding planning is a fantastic and lucrative career. It is also an industry that will always have a demand. There will always be weddings, which means there will always be jobs!

A wedding planning course is of course rooted in customer satisfaction. You will learn all about communication with the client, how to plan and strategize, providing excellent service, and of course the wedding planning core concepts. The course is 12 months in length, allowing you to start looking for a job much faster.

Digital Photography

The last main creative course Skills offer is Digital Photography. Photography has always been a major part of capturing memories. This is why Digital Photography is such an excellent choice to study. This course will help you master your photographic skills, while also delving into working with clients.

You will learn lots of techniques and various tricks of the trade to bring the best out of your shots. The programme will teach you all about the “science” behind taking pictures, as well as some service skills and time management. You will need to master all of these to make the most out of this career path. Luckily photography is still a strong industry, and there is a great demand for good photographers.

So as you can see, creative courses allow you to express yourself. There are many different ways to capture the “inner chaos”, making this a great study choice. Register now and get those creative juices flowing!

Written By: Michael Kritzinger

Last Updated: 4 July, 2020