Beauty Therapy Courses

Beauty Therapy Courses

When you commit to studying beauty therapy courses, you are signing up for a fantastic career! This field of expertise is so diverse and fulfilling, it will surely be a great opportunity. Read some more below on everything you need to know.

What is the Beauty Therapy Industry Like?

When you think about an industry such as beauty therapy, there might be certain ideas you have formed in your head. You might think that it is all about making someone look beautiful. This cannot be further from it! Beauty Therapy is so much more than making someone look pretty. Rather, it is all about the art of make-up and cosmetics and treatments. There are so many more different looks and styles than the conventional “pretty look”.

Beauty therapy can be anything from treating someone’s facial skin and helping them hydrate it, to doing the last touch-ups before a stage appearance. It includes (but is not limited to): make-up, prosthetic and facial reconstruction, waxing, manicures and pedicures, treating skin and body and massaging. Your client is made to feel at home, completely comfortable and at ease.

The goal of a beauty therapist is to boost someone’s confidence and self-esteem. Depending on the intended outcome, you can help someone look their absolute best. There is also a more fantastical side to beauty therapy, which includes special effects make-up and drag make-up, as well as performance and stage make-up. Lastly, it also includes the very lucrative and recently-rediscovered field of nail care.

Why Should I Study Beauty Therapy Courses?

Besides helping bring out someone’s inner beauty and confidence, beauty therapy has so many uses and applications. It is critical in the movie and entertainment industries. Many of the special effects and “creature fantasy” comes from beauty therapy. You help someone like Angeline Jolie look her best on the red carpet, but also her most fierce in movies like Maleficent.

There are so many different areas and aspects of this industry. It is huge, wide-reaching and influences major parts of the world. Another great part of studying in this field is the ability to open your own salon! You can create your dream space and help clients in a unique and fulfilling manner. Building up a reputation for yourself can be a great start to a promising career.

What Will These Courses Teach me?

You can study a variety of beauty therapy courses at Skills Academy. They are a distance learning college created to help people like you get a qualification! The great part about distance learning is that you have no classes to attend. You can study at home or wherever you want to. You also have the flexibility to work at your own pace. You can even finish your studies in a shorter amount of time if you work hard. Distance learning is perfect for people who are already working or have a busy life.

The college offers quite a big selection of courses to choose from, each with their own focus and importance. Below you can find a general breakdown of the courses.

Beauty Therapy

First up is their Beauty Therapy Comprehensive Certificate. This course covers a little bit of everything! You learn some professional salon skills and how to work with clients. You will also learn an important facial anatomy background, specifically for make-up application. Taking care of the face and skin also form a part of this course, as well as how to do various nail-care routines.

Nail Care

Skills also have courses specifically on nail care. They will teach you all the basics, laying the foundation for this area, as well as some advanced techniques and knowledge. This is a very popular industry at the moment, with new styles and forms popping up daily. You will learn everything you need to make a great and successful career. 

Facial Skincare

Facial skincare is another of the beauty therapy courses they have on offer. While also covering some professional salon skills, these courses will also delve deep into treating and caring for someone’s face. This is a very crucial career since your face is the first thing people see about you! With someone to help hydrate, nourish and take care of it, the facial skin will be much more healthy.

Make-up Application

Lastly, they offer a range of make-up application courses for the creatives out there. This field is all about the art of cosmetics and using it to alter and change someone’s face and body. You will learn all the critical skills and abilities, as well as the communication necessary for this field. 

The world of beauty therapy is much larger and more diverse than we might know. Studying beauty therapy courses can put you on a fantastic journey of success. Register now at Skills Academy and begin your new chapter!

Written By: Michael Kritzinger

Last Updated: 8 July 2019