Accounting Courses

When it comes to your education, there are few programmes as useful and helpful as accounting courses! They can teach you all the tools of the trade to make a big success out of your accounting career. If you want to know more about this great field, keep reading below.


Why Should I Study Accounting Courses?

When you invest yourself into the world of accounting, there are certain skills and abilities you start to pick up. Over time, you become much more proficient with maths, learning new techniques and skills almost every day. But one of the perks of the field is that everything is computerised. You don’t need advanced math skills to be able to work in this industry. This makes the initial entry requirements a lot more manageable.

Being an accountant means having the flexibility of working in any industry. It does not matter what type of company it is, everyone needs accountants. This means it will also be less difficult finding a job, since accountants, in general, are always necessary.

If you are a qualified accountant, you will start building up quite a few customers and clients. This means constant work, as well as some pretty lucrative salaries. An accountant gets paid a decent salary, with extra if they also do extra work.


What Accounting Courses are Offered?

When you are looking to study accounting, it is important that you study an accredited course. This means the course is registered and recognized by the educational bodies. Potential Employers also acknowledge accredited courses, and they are more likely to offer you a job. 

The ICB courses are an example of accredited courses. Their qualifications end in Diploma level, which means 3 years of study. There are two accounting courses that are ICB registered and qualified. 

Public Sector Accounting is all about working in the government. You help them manage financial systems and policies, ensure effective management of public money, prepare and monitor budgets and accounts, prepare recommendations on large-scale projects, and so much more. This programme will ensure you are qualified and ready to work in a government position. You will ultimately help them run everything smoothly and ensure it is all above board.

Financial Accounting, on the other hand, handles much more with “traditional” bookkeeping and accounts. You advise management on certain issues and plans, regulate and prepare all tax and tax forms, and review financial records and transactions. All of these and more are critical in any business, which means you need to be trained correctly and accurately. This industry is all about precision, meaning you need to have a keen eye for details.


Where can I Study These Courses?

ICB courses are offered by a variety of colleges and institutions in South Africa. Skills Academy is one of those colleges. They offer a large number of programmes and courses, accredited and non-accredited. The diversity of their courses ensure there is something for everyone. 

They offer all of their courses via distance learning, which means you get to work at your own pace. You also have the flexibility of studying wherever you want to. This can be anything from the beach, to your favourite coffee shop, to the airport! Distance learning gives you a fantastic amount of freedom, helping you live the life you want. You can even study while working, balance a busy life schedule and have time to educate yourself.

So as you can imagine, accounting courses are the first step to a fantastic career. You will not regret making this choice! Register now at the Skills Academy website and start your new adventure.


Written By: Skills Academy

Last Updated: 8 July 2019