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Looking for a great education, but don’t have the time to attend classes? Skills Academy is here to help! We are a private distance learning college designed to help you reach your education and achieve your goals. We specialise in helping students who do not have a Matric, which is why we have partnered with Matric College to bring you one step closer to your career dreams.

Skills AcademyCourses offered by Skills Academy

Skills Academy offers a full range of both accredited and non accredited short courses.  You can study anything from Financial Accounting to Project management!

Here are some of the courses that you can find at Skills Academy:

All of the courses offered by Skills Academy are offered by via Distance Learning.

Distance Learning

Since all of our courses are offered via distance learning, you can study anything, at any time! Distance learning is a very easy and effective way to educate yourself while balancing a busy life. How it works: After you sign up for a course and all the registration is done, we send you all the study materials you will need to finish your course.  As you complete and pass one subject, we will courier you the next subject.

You have assignments and tests and, depending on the course, exams that all need to be completed before you can get your qualification. Because you study via distance learning, however, you don’t have to worry about fitting classes into a busy schedule. No more sitting in traffic and stressing about missing a lecture!

Distance learning offers you the unique opportunity to study and educate yourself, without going crazy over a busy schedule.

Study and Work at the Same Time

Distance learning allows you to balance your full-time job with your studies. Working while you study makes it a lot easier not only to pay for your studies but also to advance your career at the same time. Your orientation guide will explain how everything works as a distance learning student, what is expected of you, and some tips on how to manage your time.

You never have to worry about handing in assignments and missing work, since everything is handed in at the same time, at the end of your studies. Everything will be couriered to you directly, so no study materials can get lost in the mail. This also takes some extra stress off you as a student. 

Only pay if you Study

One of the great benefits of studying with Skills Academy is the fact that you only pay when you actually study! If you are unable to work on your studies because of outside circumstances, you only have to let us know and we can put everything on hold. You don’t pay during this time, and you can let us know at any time when you want to resume again. 

You only need to let us know two weeks in advance when you want to stop, and you can pause your studies for up to 2 months. Lastly, If you manage to finish your course early, you stop paying immediately! Finishing your course early allows you to save some money and start looking towards the next course.

Work at Your own Pace

Because we do everything via distance learning, you get to set the pace. If you are having an off day, you don’t have to study. Or if you are feeling particularly inspired, you can work ahead and complete some extra work. It all depends on you and your needs. There is no one holding you back, no one waiting for you to finish. 

As long as you have the drive and dedication to succeed, you can do your studies anyway you want to. You can even study on the beach! Your rules, your limits. Just remember to keep at it and not slack off too much. And if you work fast and ahead of schedule, you can finish early! 

Our Online Resources

Because we live in such a digital modern world, it just makes sense that everything has started moving online. At Skills Academy, we have loads of online resources that you can have access to as a student. All of these are geared towards making you a success. Their goal is to make your overall studying experience better.

Student Portal

Our Student Portal is one one-stop place for most of your student needs. Whether you need more information on courses, contact numbers for student advisors, have an issue to report, request study materials or checking your grades. The student portal has all of this and more. It is a convenient place where all sorts of information and links are collected. It makes your life as a student just a little bit easier and less stressful.

Together We Pass

Together We Pass is our online, social studying initiative. Social studying means working together with other students, helping each other understand the source material and pass the course together. You get exposed to different viewpoints, ways of understanding. Someone can easily help explain something you might struggle with, and in turn, you may be able to help them. This cooperation is what makes this system so successful. 

WhatsApp Groups

Another one of the great resources you have access to is our WhatsApp groups. They are a great way to get in contact with lecturers and other students. The chat groups are also used to share any important information you might need. 

Our Courses

At Skills, we have a huge number of courses available. A great benefit of studying with us is that most of the courses do not require matric! That’s right, you can study without matric. You only need to be at least 16, finished Grade 10, and able to speak and write English (some courses have different entry requirements, always check beforehand).  

We have a large variety of courses in a number of different sectors. Some of them include Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Office Administration, Child Day Care, Beauty Therapy, Accounting and Bookkeeping and so much more. Follow this link to get a list of all the courses we have on offer.

Accredited Courses you can Study Without Matric

Skills Academy has specialised in helping students who do not have matric get accredited qualifications for over a decade.  Our premier qualifications that we offer are offered by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB).  They are accredited by QCTO, and you get your qualification certificate from FASSET.  You can register with as little as a Grade 10, and it takes you two levels past matric if you complete your studies – all the way to Diploma level!

Our ICB qualifications are as follows:

Provider Programmes and Short Courses

Besides the regular length courses, we also have a variety of short courses you can study. These courses vary in length, anywhere from 2 months up to 12 months. A great benefit of a short course is that you get to learn and master new skills, without it taking up too much of your time. Short Courses generally also cost less than normal courses, making them very budget friendly.

Short courses are not accredited. This means that you get a certificate of completion from the college, but no qualification certificate from a government institution.  They are ideal for someone who needs to upskill, or for someone looking for their first certificate to get their career started.  Once you get that job you can continue with an accredited programme.

What Should I Study?

When you have to make the final decision on what you should study, you should have a look at your interests. What are you good at, what do you enjoy, what are some of your interests and hobbies? All of these questions should help you form a more clear picture of what direction you should go in. If you are still stuck and need some help, have a look at our career guidance kit.


What if I want to study a National Diploma?

If you want to study a National Diploma then you need to first get your Matric with Matric College.  You can write your matric upgrade or adult matric in May every year.  Once you have completed your studies and received your bachelor pass you can study any of the Nated National Diploma courses with Skills Academy.  These include:

Get started with your studies today

Our friendly student advisors should also be able to assist you in any way you need. Call 0800 39 00 27 to get started! Register now with Skills Academy or Matric College and start your future.


Last Updated: July 21, 2019