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When are the matric results coming out for the matric class of 2020?

The Minister of Basic Education will release the results on 22 February 2021. Results will be available to matriculants the next day from 8 in the morning. Click here to get all the details on how to get your results, from newspapers to online or via SMS.

Passed your matric? Here are all your study options.

How do your matric symbols and levels work? Find out here what the different symbols mean.

What can I study with a Bachelors Pass?

A bachelor’s pass gives you access to a range of study options. With a bachelor’s pass you can study at any institution, as long as you meet the minimum requirements. 

Click Here to see a  list of courses that you can study with a bachelor’s pass

With a Diploma Pass in Matric you can study any post-school certificate or diploma. The only thing you cannot study is a degree. Click here for a list of National Diploma courses you can study.

With a Higher Certificate Pass you can study a range of different courses. You can also use your certificate as an entry to a National Diploma qualification.

What can I study if I do not Pass Matric?

There are many accredited qualifications you can study, even if you do not have a matric pass. And you can also upgrade your matric. Or, if you are older than 19 years of age, you can do the Adult Matric.

Read more about how to build a successful career without needing matric, here.

Here are some accredited distance learning colleges offering recognized courses you can study without matric.

How can I upgrade my Matric results?

Every year there is the opportunity for matrics to upgrade some of their subjects in the May matric exams. Find out how to upgrade your matric here.

Adult Matric for people older than 19 years of age

If you are older than 19 years of age, then you qualify to register for the Adult Matric. You study the adult matric from home. You don’t need a class mark to write your adult matric exams. Your exam results are your final results! Whatever results you got at school does not count.

What is my APS score?

You will need your APS score to determine what post-matric studies you qualify for. Here is some help to figure out your APS score.