School catch-up curriculum during COVID-19

School catch-up curriculum during COVID-19

The government has drawn up plans for schools to catch-up. The closing and reopening pattern caused by new positive cases might delay the catch-up process.

Education department to amend school curriculum to save 2020 academic year

The government’s recovery plan includes; extra hours of teaching and learning as well as trimming the curriculum. An extra 4 hours will be added every school week for grade 11 and 12. The Department of Education has also given school learners a much shorter holiday.

Before, during and after COVID-19: academic catch-up plan

COVID-19 created turmoil in the education sector. Hundreds of schools in South Africa lack basic resources. COVID-19 has added an unwanted load to a system that was already crumbling. Schools are filled with learners who have no educational support at home. 

Looking at the poverty faced by millions in our country, it is safe to assume that some students did not have the luxury of self-study during lockdown. School learners need realistic catch-up plans. Minister Angie Motshekga stated that the virus is forcing the government to redesign the education system.

Guidelines for development of school timetables: Reopening of schools

The Department of Education has come up with different methods schools can follow to control the spread of the virus. Schools need to know how to manage the movement of learners during morning and afternoon sessions. Teachers should change classes instead of learners. This helps avoid contact amongst learners. Online learning and other blended learning platforms should be used to support learning.

What should schools do if there is a positive case?

As schools have reopened and more learners are returning to schools. COVID-19 cases are being discovered. When there is a positive case, the school should let the parents know. The school is also expected to inform the Department of Education. Once a positive case is discovered, the safest option is to close the school. The next step that the school should take is to deep clean the school.

Back to school fears

Since schools have reopened, there is fear amongst learners and parents about the spread of the virus. It is important that parents help learners keep their mental health in check. Many students feel anxious or scared every day. The uncertainty of not knowing if you are around infected people can be scary. Being in a place where you are exposed to other people could cause anxiety, especially because you don’t know if they are following regulations or not.

Author: Omega Fumba 
Date Published: 21 July 2020